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with mens fumes. concerning the events offinne, and deny an operative, and truly avouch that many pla- ces in Scripture, cannot betunderflood of a bare permits' ifrian , but of neceflity they im- port fome kind ofeí`feduall operation. H. It is further objeded, That the maintei- nets of absolute reprobation , though they admit the name ofaperm/five decree , yet they corrupt the meaaing: For whereas Per- m ifsion is an aé ofGods confequern orjudici- ary will , they make it an alt of Gods antece- dent 'willexercifedabout thofe who as yet lieun- der noguilt offinne. It is true that there is filch a permiffion as this Authour fpeaketh of,which is judici- ary, and layeth hold onelyupon thofe who have long abufed the mercies ofGod : but he is deceived in thinking that no decree of Divine permiffion can be antecedent unto the guilt offinne. The Non-eleé angels were permitted to commit their firfl firme ;which could not pofsijjly be a judiciary permifsi- on in punifhment ofany former finne. A- dam and Eve were permitted to fall into their firft tranfgrefsion ; which permiffion cannot without evident abfurdity be dedu- ced from any foregoing or forefeen finneof theirs. And to (peak generallyof all per- fons not-eleéed , the periuiflive decree of their finall per feverance in finne mull in rea- fon be antecedent to the abfolute previfion L 3 of 5