Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

170 supralapfarians chargenot God prefently poffeffcd: but in truth there is no fuch matter. 2. And further we fay, That this Repro- bation or Permifsion whereof we fpeak in this controverfie concerning abfolute or conditionate EleUion &Non -election, im- plieth not a Subtraóion of any graces or helps obteined,much leffe ofanyabfolute- ly necellary to the preventing of finne; but a Non-preparation , a Non - donation of fuch graces and helps without which God forefaw and foreknew that the Reprobates out of their own free and perverfe will would infallibly delight and perifh in their finnes. The Subtraction of force meafure of grace already given , and permifsion of a man to fallintomore finnes,in punifhment of a former finnevoluntarily committed, is not alwayes a liigne of Reprobation, nor of the permifsive decree thereunto appendent. For many of the eleft have thus been permitted to fall from one finne into ano- ther, as Davidwas from adulteryuntomur- der ; and yet at length all turned tohis greater good. But whenwe fpeak of a per- mifsion infeparably andproperly belonging to theNon-elect, it is not a Subducionof needfull grace in pernam peccati much leffe a working ofanymalicious qualitiein them 'whereby they are necefsitated to finne, but Not - preparation or Non-donation of fuch