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withmens frnnes. 17t; fuch grace without which God knoweth mofl infallibly that they will live and die in their finnes. And this is it which S. Au- gufline intended when he faid, Deo repro- hante non irrogatur alliquidquo homo fit dete- rior, fed tantim nonerogatur quo fiat melior.' For the fayingof learnedWhitaker, it is true, the permifsive decree , as it properly concerneth Reprobation, being nothing elfe but a negation of all fuch gracious helps quibus pofitis peccatum impediretur: which muff be underftood of finali finne, if it be applied unto the permifsion which is onely proper to theNon-eleé : For theElea of- tentimes are denied fuch helps , which if they had been afForded,thisor that particu- lar finne had certainly been prevented; and the Non-ele&may have fuch helpofgrace afforded them, whereby they do actually a- void this or that hnne,unto the committing whereofthey werebefore ftrongly inclined. As for the phrafe ufed by Patens, That Adam could not ufe his endowments to pert- vere; This non poL is in Scriptures,Fathers, Schoolmen and all manner of Authours u-. fually applied unto fuch anions wherein the Agents had a free power not tohave done what they did. It is therefore a weak infe- rence to gather from the bare words Ne- ce/T, Impof/bile, Nonpoise, Nonpoiibile, or the like , a necefsitaton of mans will unto fuch