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174 Supralap%arians c arge not God delity and impenitency in perlons not-elect.: cd; and albeit in this regard their not-belie- ving and not-repenting be fometimes term.. edneceffàry, and theirbelieving and repent ingunpoffìble ;yet it ought not tobe gather- ed from fuck phrafes of fpeech, That God by taking away their liberty inforceth them upon their finnes. Dift.Il. The fecond diftintion oppofed by this Authour is that which confidereth in Sinne the Materiall and the Formall, which is, the fubftratea6t,and the obliquityofthe a&,and fo granteth God tobe the caufe of themas teriall part, as it denieth him tobeanycaufe at all of the formali , which is the repu- gnancy or difconformity which the will of the Agent bath with the Law or will ofGod. This diftindion is a found and a neceflary difiindion , and approved by all judicious Divines whetherPapifls or Prote FPenot.tib, fiants. P De malo culpe quoad fübftratum $.caP"" materiale, quodefladio naturalis cui militia eft annexa , nulla eft difficulty u in inquirendo & explicando quidnam illudfit, quoniam ex hac partemalum culpe rlon eft malum , ficut nullcts ióid.4 7 atlusnaturalis eft defe malus. q Omnes Theo- logi conveniunt, quid Deus eft autor entitatií naturalisipfuspeccati. Againft this is excepted, That allfinnes re- cerne not thisdiftinc`lion. If all finnes fubfift in fonte adual1 motionof the foul, body,or. both,