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withmens finnes. a on unto any particular finfull a61, Deperftc. u. Refp.5. Speaking ofPharaoh, he faith he was to hardened, ut obtemperare Deo non potuerit, Propof.62. in Epifl : ad Rom. And he ufeth the fame phrafe concerning the Jews, Traci. 54. in loan. and yet nonpole in nei- ther place importeth a coacionor necefsita- tionof the will unto any finfull aft. Not to heap upany more allegations, it may be ge- nerally obferved, That wherefoever there is an infallible Divine prefcience of any fu- ture a61 or event, there it is not unufuall to affirm that at to he neceílàry , and the op- polite event to be impotlible. And Ruiz giveth a reafon of this manner of fpeech, 4- Quia infallibilitas ac` ûs el? al!qua imputen- Defcïeré tia omittendi, omittendi ei tiaDei,difp aligua impotentia operandi talem aRum. 8' § 6.. I have infiiled the longer upon this be- caufe it is prefunied alwayes a good infe- renceagainft Calvine, Beza, or any of our Proteflant Divines, They fay such an aelion or event is neceläry, rich an one is impofsible; therefore they overthrow free-will, and put a necefitation unto finne upon men not- elected. Whereas whenScriptures,Fathers,School_ men,andmodern Papifts ufe the fame terms, our Remonf}rants can give them a right in- terpretation. To conclude; Albeit the Permiffive de- cree do infeire an infallibility of finali infi- delity 1111111111,