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with wens flnnes. 187 to others : e Defts quasdan voluntates fu4s e Au;uf. utique bongs implet per malorum hominum Enchirid, z voluntates malas: Sicut per.udheos malevo- eap. Gaurent9 1®i. los bonâ voluntate Paris Chriftus pro nobis o cifus e.g. Inwhich regard the fame S. Au- gufline (peaking of Judas ufeth not the word, permifit Deus, but, (legit ad funden- dum fanguinem futon. This is not out of want of wifdome to brim-in fnne for the glorificationof his juflice, but to caufe finne conceived in the wicked heart of man and acied by hiswicked hand to become a means for n1anifeilation of his jufiice. And there- fore whenfoever God concurreth to the caufing of any outward finnefull at as it ferveth to anygood end of his own in- tendment, he appointeth not men to com- mit ( nay he forbiddeth them the commit- ting of fuck a&s) but he inhim felf decreed and fore-appointed his own permiflion, and therewithall the caufingofall fuch reali and pofitive effeäs without which the aft could not beproduced, and ofall fuch good ends or confequentsas he produceth out of it. To the fecond we anfwer, That to will the event of fiefùll aäions for good ends ar- guethno want o f fincerity in Gods dealing with men. As towill the torturingofmartyrs by tyrants to the end that Chriflian religion mightby their patient fufferingsbe advanced Godsname glorified, or towill that Pant ihou.1