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188 Supralapfarians overthrowReligion Ihould be buffeted by Satan to the end his foul maybe kept humble; is not toappoint the devil or tyrants inevitably to comit fuch adions that fo they may 6e damnedfor them, as is falfely fuppofed , but to let loofe the reinsunto their wicked wills out of which thefe actions did voluntarily flow, and to caufe whatfoever pofitive good can be con- ceivedeither in fuchmateriali as or from them. To the third : The permiffive decree, or decree of Reprobation, as it refpeteth the limes of Reprobates arguethno want at all ofinercy in God, though it import a denega- tion of force mercy which God ( were he fo pleafed ) might have bellowed upon :41.77,. them : but here is nocruelty at all. f Ra. tionabiliter negatur quad nulla ratione debetur. Neitherr doth it flow from a defire of de- .froying fouls, or caufe the wicked to live anddie in their finnes. All thefe are falle inferences, and have been formerly confu- ted. And therefore we conclude, That it is not yet proved that the Dotrineof Re- probation maketh God the Authour of finne, II Incon- venience. The r'reatif. 1 T-1e fecond inconvenience (a) is, the Overthrow of true religion and good government among men, To this this opinion feemeth to tend, for thefe reafons, I. Becaufe it maketh iiinne to be no Gnne indeed, but one- II