Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

1!Í j3 ii opofitions and CoroIllries out his race in faith and godlinefre, and be arrived at heaven-gates r Such a falfely -na- med Predeftination might more truly and, properly have been called a Poftdeftinati- on. But call it how they pleafe, it enaeteth onelyper modum legis, That men thus living and dying fhan be received into the king- dome of heaven: but it doth not per mo- dum decreti operanti; infallibly work thole graces and gracious aetions whereby men are brought unto heaven. Prop ., The grace prepared for the Elect} in Gods p .3. eternal' Predeftination, and beftowed upon them in the temporali difpenfation, fo cau- feth their belief, repentance, perfeverance, as that it impofeth no neceífìty or violent coaecion upon the wills ofmen, but caufeth their free and voluntary endeavours. That the grace prepared in Predeftina- tion is an infallible caufe producing faith and perfeverance inall the eleet, appeareth from the nature and eflence of Predeftina- tion : which being a fpeciall part of the Di- vine providence, is diftinguiflied from that more generali providence , by appointing and applying fuch means as never fail to produce the end whereunto they are fitted. So that St Auguftine feareth not to in- ferre, That if the grace prepared for the ele& in their Predeftinationfhouldnot work . the intended end, which is their glorifica- tions