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w P1111cerning Predeflination, 13 tion; aut vinceretur Gaut falleretur Deus, God himfelf muft either be overcome or de- ceived. Yet he withall defendeth , That this effeáuall grace hath noviolentcoative operation upon the will, but caufeth it to work by its own freedome. e Stat libertas e Abut. in arbitrii cumDivina motione voluntatem ago- Gip fram au' id cuod vult applicante. And St Auguftine to t-Áie fame purpofé, Deus omni_ potentißimá facilitate Convertit, ac volentes ex nolentibusfait. In which fewwords he conjoyneth the invincible operation of the grace of God with the free operation of mans will. Nay the grace flowing from thedecree of Predeftination is fo farre from puttinga neceffitation upon the will, as that it is the very caufe which freeth the will from the slavery of finne, and maketh it freely to move and work in all good ads. It `;iveth the wigand the deed; and therefore it implyeth a contradiction to fay, it ma- keth a man do any good by way of ne- cefsitation. ' Cu6i confentifs , ibi voluntas : fBern. De ubi voluntas , ibi libertas. VVhenas there- tab, arbztr. fore God had eternally predeflinated Pe- ter tobelieve in Chrifl, to repent, to per- fevere, he did by fpeciall grace move him and work him to the moft free and willing performanceof all thefe things; according to that of St Augufine, Ciim Deus volt fie ri (pod non nif volentibos horninibus opor- tet