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14 PropoJtions and Coroffar;er tet fieri inclinat eorum corda ut hoc velini: They who refute to acknowledge_ this power of Gods will over mans will, do not perceive how they 'fumble at the firft articleof the Apoftles creed. Coroll.3, Thole horrible confequents which the ancient Semi - Pelagians would have forced upon Auguffines opinion of abfolute Pre- deflination, are of no force As for exam- ÇI aure. pie ; g If the Divine Predeflination be ab- lacg. folate, nemo vigilet, nemo jejunet, nemo libi- dini contradicat, &c. And again; If Pre- deftination be abfolute, ad vitam reaam non füo duca, fed violento tantum Dei im- perio homines.pertrahuntur. In a word ; If abfolute Predeflination unto grace and glo- ry be granted , intra grathe vocabulum aóf_ conditur fatale venenum. TheCe with many other inferences ofthe farne Ramp Fauflus& others ofthe Semipelagian fedwould needs thru(l upon the doctrineof Predeftination: and as for themfelves, they boldly main- teined thefe propofitions, as it were in de- fiance of Gods abfoluteand free Election; Ira,r'. t, Hoc propofitum Vocationis Dei , quo eligen- En`R ad dorum & rejiciendorum diciturfield*retie fecundùrn quod placuit Creatori, lapfis curaro refurgendi adimit , f nc`lis ocoafionem affert, ¿c. Prior e(l hominis obediencia quámDei gratia. Thulium fibtis ex eo of qui f lva- tur, non ex Deo qui flvat. And Fauftus Rhegienfis