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u I6 rropofitions ánd Corollaries an abufe of the Word, to call this the de= cree of Gods Eleulion or Predeftination. For the truthofthis decree may 'land good and firm though no man living fhould be- lieve or attein unto eternal! life. But the Divine Predeílination or Election is fuch a decree as infallibly in force men produceth faith,and bringeth unto eternall life a cer- tain number of perfons known onely unto God himfeif. To flint up this Corollary; We do not onely avouch the dofrine of S. Augufline concerning abfolute Predeflination to be true, allowed by our Church , and eafily cleared from all thefe abfurd confequences which the Adverfaries would fain fallen upon it; but we further avouch, That the new- devifed plat -form of Predeflination grounded by Arminius upon forefeen faith Kind perfeverance, is falfe,vain,and difagree- ing from the notionof Predeflination root- ed in the hearts of all catholick andortho- dox Chrillians. For his Predeflination is fettled upon thefe foure pillars. . The firft is, an abfolute decree of giving Chrifl for a Mediatour and Redeemer unto mankind confidered as fallen, in the fíate of finne. Another abfolute decree, To receive in- to favour all fuch as Ihall repent and be- lieve , and to fave them perfevering unto the