Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

4rmir'jíus's Decrees rejeéiec4'. the end; as all() , To leave the impeni- tent and unfaithful! under Gods wrath, and to condemn them as men out of Chriff. 3. A thirddecree, Effeaually toafford and adminifter unto all men fufficient and ne- ceffary means of breeding faith and re- pentance. a. The fourth and laft, a decree, To fave or condemne certain fingular perlons, grounded upon the Divine forefight who will repent, believe and perfevere, and who will not. To this plat-form in generall we fay , That the marlhallingof the eternal! imma- nent as of the Divine underflanding or will into Firfi, Second , Third, Fourth, is a weak imagination of mans brain, and fo uncertain that amongft twenty whogive us fuch delineations of Gods eternal! decrees, you (hall not find two who agree between themfelves in numbring them and order- ing them; but where one maketh foure, an- other maketh five, fix, or feven, &c. and that which oneman fetteth in the firaplace, another fetteth in the laf} : and in brief, e- very manordereth them f cundhinfuummo- duns imaginandi. To build therefore any doìrinesof faith upon the Prioritie or Po- fierioritieoffuch decrees, is to build cai les in the aim. For as Hilarius , fpeaketh, Om ,2i4 4 Y