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22 The Queflion hated. of ¶eprobatian, looks onout of or above the Fall; and fay, That God of his mere pleafure antecedent to all finne in the creature, original' or a&uall, did decree toglorifie his Sove- reignty and Juftice in the eternal' rejeaion and damnation of the greaten part of mankind, as the end ; and in their unavoydable finne and impenitency , as the means. And this way go Calvine, B, Zanchius, Pifcatbr, Gomarus, and fome ofour own coutltreymen. 2.. The reff (F) of that fide thinking to avoyd the great inconveniences to which that Supralapfarian way lyeth o_ pen, fall down a little lovver,and prefent man to God inhis decreeof Reprobation, lying in the Fall andunder theguilt of originali Gone, laying , That God lookingupon mife- rable mankind lying in Adams finne, did decree the great- eft number of men (even thofe whom he calleth to repen- tance and falvation by the preaching of the Golpel) to hell- torments forever and without all remedy,for the declaration of his levere Juflice. This waywent the Synod. Thedifference (G) between them is not much, and even in their own account too fmall_a difcord to caule a breach. Notvvithftanding this petty differencetherefore, they agree well enough together , as we may fee in the Hague-Confe- rence and Synod. In the Conference at Hague the Contra-remonffrants (:,) Col. Hag. have there words; (a) As touching the diverfitie of opinions Brand. pzz in this argument, viz. That God looked at man in this de- 37, sQload cree, notyet created,or created and fallen; becaufe this be- fententta= rum diverti- longeth not to thefoundation of this doe!rine, Yve do in (hri- tatem in hoc Man equity bearwith one another. argumento, After this in the Synod at Dort they permitted Gomarus quòd Deus to let down his judgement in the upper way. And the Dele- refpextt ho- gates of South-Holland were very indifferent which way minem in g hoc decreto they took:For there are theirwords,(b)whetber God in ihoo- nondum ere- n confidered men asfallen, or elfe as not fallen, they (the atom, vei Dle el gates ©f South.Holland ) think it is not neceffary to be ereatum g lapfum; quia determined, fo it be held, that God in chooling confidered men hoc ad fun in a like eftate. (c) Maccovius (H) alto Profeffour of Di- damentum vinity at Franelcer aviolent and cliffmainteiner ofthe moíl }iujusdori unfavour f eeches which have been uttered in this Contro- n non per.. Y P tine t, liben- ter alü alios aquitate Chrilliana toleramos. (ó).4e'. Syÿn.pfrt.3. pag48. An Deus in eligendo con ideraverit homilies ut lapfos,an etiam ut nondum lapfos,exiflimant non efteneceftarium ut definiatur »r.iodò fiatuatur'Deuni in eligendo cònfde- rafts homines igpari flato. (c) lntadot 3.temonßr. tag.3a. verfie,