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Çods Love to enUlanknd. SIR, ?r7, ,/ii %. Have fent you here the reafons which have moved me (,4) ro change myopinion in fame controverfies of late debated between the Rep monfirants and their Oppofites. I do the rather (B) prefent them untoyou, r. i hat I may fhew the due refpe&which I bear your Worship with my forwardneife to anfvver your defires , as I can with regard to confcience. z. That you may fee that I diffent not without caufe, but have reafon on my fide. 3. That if I can be convinced that my grounds are weak and infufficient, I may think better of the 'opinion which I have forfaken then I can for the prefent. In the delivery of my motives I will proceed in this order: i. I will flare the opinion which I diflik% z. j will lay downmy reafons againft it. Touching the fiat your Worship knt vveth there two things very well: a. That (C ) the main r1rtltavop and queflion in chefe controverfies, and that on which the refl. do hang, is, What the decrees of God are touching the everlaf#ing condition of men, and how they are ordered. z. That the men whohave difputed thefe things, may be reduced to two forts and fides. The first fide (D) affirmeth, That there is an Abfolute and Peremprorie decree proceeding from the alone pleafure of God, without any confideration of mens finali impeniten- cy and unbelief: by which Godcafleth men off from grace and glory, and fhutteth up the fare greater part ( even of thole that are called by the preaching of the Gofpel tore. pentance and falvation) under invincible and unavoydable finne and damnation. The other fide difavowing any fuck decree, fay,That Gods decreeofcalling menoff for ever,is grounded upon thefore- fight ofthey continuance in finneandunbeli, f, both avoyda- hieby grace, and confequently inferring no mans, damnati- on necefrarilÿ. The firfl- tide is divided: For s. Some (E) of them prefent van to God in the decree B 3 of 2L