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jueflionRated. 31 man to fet down plainly his own opinion. And fence the Divine underílanding doth not confider or behold this after that, but all together inone inflant of eternitie, there is no caufe why men fhould flifflycontend about there Priorities and Pofieriorities, which are humane imaginations, or intelle- iMs noftri fil-liones, as force truly term them. Maccovius was upon a by-occafion H brought before the Synod; and the bufineffe betwixt him &Lubbertus wascommitted to the examination offorce fewDelegates,ac- cording to whofe report he was difmiffed. Unto the objeéion ofordainingmen unto fin,his anfwer was,That God did not ordain anymanunto fin efficiendo, but permittendo. For his denying of a will in God for the Paving ofall men, he underfiood it of the abfolute effeauall operative will, nor ofthe conditionall and approbative will of God. They both confeffe, that the Divine un- derflanding could not but eternally forefee the origìnall and aftuall finne which fhould finally cleave unto every particular manwho fhouldafterwards beborn into this world : but they for all this deny, that the moving caufs whereupon God diflinguifbed men intoElea and Non-ele&, was the fQre- feen faith of force, and the forefeen infide- litieand impenitency of others. The flate ofmenunder finne was common to all : the mercy ofGod in effehually freeing from finne was due to none. My