Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

3° Of The nail decrees of Eleíion and Reprobation, the revealed Evangelicall decrees fland in their full force. If Cain repent and live well, he thall be pardoned and faved : If Peter repent not, and perfevere inhis finite, he (hall be damned. And yet farther ( not to determine whether fufficientgrace be of- fered to every particular perfon inthe world or no) we may refolutely determine, that the diflinel abfolute decree ofElecting fome infallibly unto perfeverance in grace and at- teinment ofglory, and ofPaffing-by and re- jeáingothers, is no good argument to prove that therefore the non-eleaed are left with- out all remedy or fufficient means of falva- tion. Adam was not predeflinated tofland in the Elate of his innocency, yet hewas not thereby excluded or bereft of fufficient means ofHanding. From the decree of Preterition or Reprobation, it well follow- eth, Judas is reprobated ; Therefore he will not ufe the remedies or means which God offereth for his falvation. But it is not good confequence to fay, Therefore God bath not given him fufficient remedies or means to efcape damnation, were not his own wicked will the onely hindrance. G TheSynod of Dort injoyned men to fet down their particular judgements concern. ing Predeflination and Reprobation ; and therefore theyhad no reafon to forbid any man