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The Ablelutedecreequeflioned. 35 s he bath laidon none a neceffätie offinning. And a little after he is plainer: Y Thofe whom God didforeknow would live and Y, Quos ve- die in their wickedne¡fe, for reafons molt jujt'he decreedfhould fuhmèmpis perifb: as himfelffaith, Him which. finneth againft zee, even & iniquos bim will I blet out of my book. futuros, & In the Valentine Synod affembled in favour of Gottfchalk ina fua impic we may find thefe words, z Thereforedo thewickedperifb, not tate & int- guitate per- becaufe they could not, but becaufe they wouldnot begood, and manfuros,lu4 by their ownfault originalioraètuallalfe, remained in the map itis & rettif- ofperdition. And in theend of their third Canon they de- fìmis de cau- nounce Anathema to thofe that hold that menare fo:predefli- fis decrevit naced untoevil as that they cannot be otherwifc : a That any a & y pt;ædggltinávit fhouldbe (faith the Councel) predeßinated to evil by thepower peritclros: ofGod, fo as he cannot beotherwile, we do not one!ynot believe, fcut ipfe air, but alfo if there be any that will believefo great anevil, with Buz peccave- alldeter }ation wedenounce them accui ed as the Arauficane ebohsep, f ,Ì f detebo de lz- Counce1 altodtd. By thefe teftimonies ( which are but a few of b-ro meo. many) it appeareth that abfolute and inevitable Reprobation z Can.z.Nec found but cold enterteinment from Antiquity. ipfos malos Which con I began to call iit ino ueflion. For idea g 9 quia boni of albeit I make not the decifions and determinations of the Fa fe nonpotbic thers or Councels therules of my faith, becaufe they are but runt,fed quiá men, and therefore fubjeft toerrour; yet I honour their gray boni effe no- hairs,and their grave affemblies, and do vehemently mifiruf} luerunt, g Y fuóque vitio thofe doftrines which they never taught or approved, but mif- in mafIa da- liked and condemned, mnationis vel merito originali vefetiam aftitali permanferupt a Can,;. Verùm aliquos ad malum prx- .. deftinatos effe Divini potei}ate, ut aliud effe non pofint, non folùm non credimus, fed etiam fì flint qui tantum malum credere velint, cum omni deteaatione, fcut A- rauficana Synodus, illis Anathema dicimus. Anfwer. ABfolute,negative Reprobation is no na- vell opinion: But on the contrary, That Gods immanent and eternall aCs of rede- ftinationand Reprobation can be inpoteflatc prgdeflinatorum & reprobatarum , is novell and falfe. The Ancients before S. Auguíline grant- ed a Prefcience in God of all the future C z good