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The Abflute good and bad adsof men : but 'their good its they derived from Predeftination ; their bad , from their own Free-will , and not from the Reprobation. And as for the fen- tence, of Damnation, it layeth hold upon them , nora quá non-elet i , fedgúá impii. In all this Auguffine differethnot from thofe Fathers that went before him. The terms of Pofsib'e and Impofsible be- ing taken in divers fèníes afford the Remon- ftrants many advantages arrmongft the igno- rant, in their difpures againft abfolute Ele- ¿lion and ReprObation. It is therefore to be obferved, that in Scriptures , Fathers, School-men and all manner, of Authours, and in the commonufe ofall languages, ma- ny as or events wherein no necellitie or enforcement is laid upon mens wills , are notwithftanding faid impoffible to be o- therwife then they are. But for the eternali Divine decrees of Predeftination and Re- probation, to fay that they areor ever were in poteftateprxdeftinatoruns aut reprobatorur, , is contrary to the very effence & formalitie of Decrees. Thofe things wherein men may agere or non agere , are faid tobe in their own power : But Predeftination and Reprobati- on are immanent as of the Divine will and underffanding, and therefore it is im poffible ,,il,tuft. that they (hould be either way in potefiate Tie Spir.& tit. .3t flak . 'volí.ntatis haia a<`at. HOC qurfque infuapote-