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44 The A6filute grounded then upon preconfideration of finite. For though Godout of the coma-. pted maffe of mankind eledeth forme men unto the means and end of falvarion, mere- ly ofhis own gracious good pleafure in Chrift , yet he enateth nodecree of dam- ning men for his pleafure, but for their, own finne and mifdeferts. And as for ne` atio prædeflinatioi is ; it is not a working carafe ofany mans finne or damnation , tho9 ,gh it contein a decree of not working their deli- verie, ofnot working their eff'c tuall falva- tion. But farre be it fromGod that it fhould import a decree necefïitating their perdition and eternall deflruution. As men not corn- prifed within the decreeof Predeflination Commit finite willingly and greedily , fo they runon to their own de(rudionvolun- tarily, and not carried by any necellitaring force flowing out of the decree of Repro- bation. ''Ad no. Whereas Augulline or Profper r fcem to a?l.r J 3 fetch the caufe negatx prxdefiii uionis or ne- gativx repro6ationis (as form call it) from the forefeen difobedience ofmen, their pur- pofeis to thew, That the anali continuance ofany man in theBate offinne,and his finall falling into the flare of damnation is not caufed by thenegative ad ofPredeflination: and further, That wheremen are forefeen of Pod as ending their lives in finne, there is a fufaicient