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decree cleared. fufficient reafon to inferre, Ideo nonfuerunt expr,edeflinatis, or, IdeoDeus eos nonprdefti- navit. But that this forefight of their per- fonall finites was thecaufe ofthe Divinede- cree of their Non-eletion whereby they 'land diflinguifhed from the elect, was no part of the Fathers meaning. So that the eternal! previfion of fome mens perfeve- rance in faith and godlineffe, and of other mens perfeverance in infidelity andungodli- neífe,was not the ground, caufeor reafonof the oppofite decrees of Etedion and Pre- terition; buta proof that there are fuch di- ftincl or different decrees concerning men. Lafl ofall, this forefight of Godconcern- ing men left to the deficiency of their own wicked wills, and through infidelity and im- piety procuring their owndcffruaion, is not alledged as a caufe why this man rather then another was not predefrinated,but as a cer- tain note and an infallible confequent of men not predeflinated; caufa prodationi3, non rei ip its. Thofe curies may be moft juif, granting that pofitive Reprobation, which is perem torium decreturn puniendi, never proccedeth ex (olo Dei beneplacito:though wehold there- withal!, that negative Reprobation, which is abfolutum decreturn non priedeflinandi, de- pendethonely upon Gods freepleafure.For it is no crrour to fay,thutnon- electionor ne- gative' 45