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decree cleared. and leadeth a holy life, then a veal ofDif-, honour becometh aveffel ofHonour. But if byveffels ofHonour you underftand theEleCt, and by wilds of Difhonour the Non-eleó; and conceive filch a change, that men not- eleked may by ads of their own make themfelves elected; this is a fanfie contrary to truth, and reje ted of all orthodox and judicious Divines: whoconfent, Ncc prade- yinationeni of in poteftate preedeftinati fed jradeftinantis , nec reprobationem inpotefate reprobate pd reprobantis. For we underftand. the Divine Reprobation, where there is not a Predeflination unto effeduall and infalli- ble means of eternall life. Nowwho can fay, that it is in thepower of mans will ei- ther to procure or hinder fuch a decree t All the teftimoniesof the ancient Fathers here cited, do not prove the eternall decrees of Election andNon-elation to beconditi- onal], or todepend upon thecontrary fore- feenaélions of mens will; But they prove twoother things,which we willingly grant: 1. That thefeydecrees neceffitate no mane will untogoodadions,much leffe unto wic- ked. 2. That wicked men are not therefore damned becaufe they-were not predeffina- ted, but becaufe -they lived and diedobiti- nate in finne. As for the poffibility which men non- eletedhave, either to believe or to cfchew this 47