Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

46 7`he 4bfolute gative Reprobationmay ftand together with a poflibilitie of avoiding finnetnd damnation. Thenon-elet angels had this poffibili. ty; all mankind generally in Adam had this poflibility : and yet every fingular perfon was not predeftinated., And if Godwere fo pleafed to giveas fufficient grace to every particular man in the world as he gave to Adam in his creation, yet the oppofite decrees of Eletion and Preterition or negative Reprobationmay land firm and good. The reafonhevident: BecaufePredeífination is notabare ordination ofmen unto eternail life by fufficient means, which make the event onely poffibles but a merciful' providence in ordering fuch means for the eleé as make the event infallible and infruflrable. On the other fide , Preterition or negative Reprobation is not a decree neceffarily excluding perfons not-eleL from all poffible means of falvation; but adecree permitting fuchout of the freedomeof their own wills to negleh and abufe fuch means of their fal- vation: which abufe forefeen of God, is unto him a jut caufe of their damnation. As for veps ofHonourand Di/bonour ; we grant, that not onely men maybut do conti- nually from veffels ofDïfhonour rife to be vefftls of Honour. For when any man whatfoever, whohath lived in infidelity & uncleanneffe of life , brelieveth, repentet }, and