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50 The Abfolvac decreequeflioned. art af^%idof the ajfembly there, declare it in the Senatehottfes among thole grove and judicious perfons. Thou wilt never do it : and why, but becaufe it is a foul and difhonefi opi- nion ? This firivir g te lieclofe is (peradventure) no infallible arc gument ofía bad caufe, yet it is a very probable one. For true religion (as Vivesfaith) is not a thing guilded over, but gold it [elf : The more that is (craped and difcovered, the fpzves, ne brighter andgoodlier it i!.; and fo is the truth. f v i(puta- ver. f deì, t. tiotsi uffrate and fet forth true opinions more then Pence I. i6. Pu- ri. rem ac can. Let us not fear therefore (faith he) left our Faith when nitidiorem it is laid open, appear filthy to the eyes of the beholders. ilam reddit g Let fall and fuperfciall religions, in which there is no beliium,quam folandne(J'e, be afraid of this. The Jew is loth to teafon pa adver with the Chrifiian touching his Law, and the Turk is for- b4etuant bidden to difpute of his Alcoran, becaufe their Religions are hoc alia re- brittle, like glalfe broken with the leaft touch : But the ligiones talfæ Chrittian, h who is confident ofthe goodnefe ofhis Faith, &umbratiies h vir es,l. 4. fearetb no examination, but rather as much as may be, foli- p,ze.4 29.Q citeth and provoleeth his advïrfary to the combat. Truth, ventate fua whether it be in men or doctrines, is heft when it is unto- gait, nhit vered : it covetethno corners, though Errour do; but it is retormidat examen rn- willing to abide the trial'. l Search me, O Lord, andknow genii, imò my heart; tryme, and knowmy thoughts, and fee if therebe ádvocat & any way of wickednefe in me, faith the Prophet David, quantumpo knowing his heart tobe without guile. And our Saviour tel- t X39. leth us, k That every one that docthevil, hateth the light, 3 a4. and cometh not to it, lest his deeds fhould be reproved : but IIIPk john I, he that duet') truth, cometh to the light, that his deeds might z °j II`' be made ranifeft that they are wrought in God. As St Paul * Tit. 3. tr. faithof an heretick, * He is eivn> -zireptros, Pelf condem- ned ; fo we may fay of herefit and untruth, It conclemneth it Pelf, and by nothing more then by refuting the touchftone. He is to bechou4ht an empty fchol,ar, who is loth to be ap- pofed ; and his gold to be light and counterfeit, whoWill not have it toucht and weighed ; and chore ooinians to be but errours, which would fo willingly walk in a mitt and dwell in fleece, when it concer;reth the peace of the Church fo much to have them examined. Anfiver.