Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

The .Ahflte decree cleared. Anrrver. j''"F Vmriiirá,raeffe toabide the tryall be an an f ument of a bad caufe, never men ¡hew- ed themfelves moreunwilling to abide the tryall of their doc-trine in this controverfie of Predefiination and Reprobation then the Remonfiran ts. At theSynod ofDort,. it being ordered by all the power Civil and Ecclefìafiicall which was in the Common- wealth or Church , that the Remonfirants cited fhould lay down their opinion con- cerning Predeftination and Reprobation , together with their reafons, and foexpel the anfwer of the Synod; they firft, con- trary to all reafon and to the duty which theyought to their chiefmagiftrates,would begin at the point of Reprobation, or do- nothing at all. And as if this had not fuf ficiently expreffed their perverfenefie, they refufed to fet down their own-tenents, and to cotifirmn them; and would needs make themfelves opponents ; and put the Synod to anfwer filch obje6tions or cavills as for the molt part were fcraped together out of the writings of men either dead long fince, or not there to anfwer for themfelves: with whom-the Synod had no reafon then to meddle. It was intended and yielded unto them; that the point of Reprobation fhould alto a be