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decree cleared: 6x and glory unto the predefinate, and not a conditionate decree forefeeing their graci- ous anions, and thereupon predefinating them: And by this it fluently teacheth us what to think of negative Reprobation, which cannot be fevered from Election. If you embrace the late Lutheranes o-, pinion, and bring within the compaffe of the Predeflinary peflilencé the dotrine of Predeftination which they difallow , you manifeftly brand the Church of England with this note of infamy, and might as well charge us with the Sacramentary peflilence for denying their feigned Confubftantiati- on and Orall manducationof the flesh of Chrift , as with the PredeItinary peflilence for denying their Conditional) Predeftina- tion upon forefight of mess belief in Chrift. TheLutheranes makePrede ina- tionor Election nothing elfe but a revealed decree ofbeflowingeternall,Life upon thofe which fhali perfeverantly bel?eve in Chrift; and confequently they make Reprobation nothing elfe but the revealed will of God tocondemne all thofe who fhall continue in their infidelity and obílinacy. Our Church acknowledgeth the truth of fuch decrees; but it placeth not Electionor Re- probation in fuck generali conditionate de- crees. Thedecree of Ele&ionor Predefli- a aide nation is byus conceived an aet of Gods ttr. . p a g' abfolute