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The Abfolute end forefeen as the way and means where- by God will bring them thither; and the voluntarywicked aL` lions of the other, as themeans whereby, and the mifdeferts for which theyare brought intohell, and there juftly tormented. As for the Lutheranes,that bring-in a con- ditionate Predeftination; No man can look into Luthers works , but mull needs fee they have forfaken their own Mailer : and therefore they are leffe to be regarded when they rail upon the Calvinifis. For the Greek Churches; If they tread in the fleps of the learned and ancient Greek Fathers,they may found Predeflina tionupon Prefcience, but not upon the Pe- lagian or Arminian Prefcience, which they makemerely intuitive,and caufedby the ob- je6t forefeen; but by a Prefcience pra5i- call or fa7ive of that good which it fore- Teeth in theEleóed, andpermifsive of thofe voluntary evil actions which are forefeen in theNon-elected, and alíopreparative of their jufl punifhment. The Sublapfarian way ofconfidering this high myfrery of ,Predeflination and nega- tive Reprobation , is the way which the Church of England taketh, as the more eafy for our underftanding. And it fo walketh in this way, that it maketh Prede- flination an abfolutedecree of giving grace and