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withmans Dejiruciion. T. FIRST, it chargeth him with mens eternall Torments in hell , and maketh him (A ) to be the Prime, Principal! and Invincible caufe of the damnation of millions of mire- rabic fouls: the Prime caufe ; becaufe it reporteth him to have appointed them to deflru &ion of his own voluntary difpofition, antecedent to all defects in them : and (B ) the Principali and Invincible caufe ; becaufe it maketh the dam_ nation of Reprobates. to be neceffary and unavoydable. through Gods abfolute and uncontrollable decree, and fo ne- ce(fary that they can no more efcape it thenpoore Aflya- nax could avoid the breaking of his neck when the Grecians tumbled himdown from the tower of Troy.. Now this s heavie charge, contrary to Scripture, Gods Nature , and found Reafon. r, To Scripture : Which ( C ) maketh man the principal!, nay the onely caufe ( in oppofccion to God ) of his own ru- íne. Thy detruCiion u of thy felt? 0 Israel : but in me is thy help, Hof. 13. 9 As I live, faith the Lord, i will not the death of the wicked, &c. `burn ye , turn ye : why wig ye die? Fxek, 3 3. fr. He doth not offiiel willingly, norgrieve the children of men , Lam. 3.33. To which fpeeches for likenèffe fake Z will joyn one of Profpers; P Gods PredeIii- P. Re4p. ad nation is to many the caufe of (landing, to none offalling. 12. Objeff. 2. It is (D) contrary to Gods nature : q Who fetceth Pincent. forth himfelf to be a God mercifull,gracious, longfíiffering, Prdefina.' abundant in aodne a &c. and he is acknovvledged to be fo ris Del by King g ' z tis eft cauf; y David ; r Thou Lord art good and merciful() and of ftandi, ne- great kindríeffe to all them that call upon thee, and by the mini et caw: Prophets Joel, Jonah, and Micah: * Heir gracious and riser- fa fabendi. cifull, flow to anger, and of great kindneffe, faith Joel. 1 9pry$645! know, faith 4( Jonah, that thou art a gracious God and mer- *70cí 2.13. cifrall, (low to anger, and of great kindleeffe, and, * Sao, faith .Jonzh 4. . Micah, is a God like unto thee, that taketh away iniquity? *Micah7lS, &c. He reteineth not his wrath for ever , becaufe mercy pleafeth bim. 3. It is contrary alto to (E) found Reafon : Which can- not but argue filch a decree of extreme cruelty, and con- feguently remove it from the Father of mercies. We cannot in reafon think that anyman in the 'woríd can fo farrc put off húmanity and nature, as to refolve with himfelf to mar- ry and beget children, that after they are born and had lived a while with him, he may hang them up by the tongues, tear their ilefhwith fço irges, pull it from their bones with burning i