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74 Supralap¡arianscharge God ed it down then S. Auguftine, nomanmore ftrongly confuted it ; and yet the Remon. ftrants cannot denie but he held abfolute Predeftination and abfolute negative Re- probation, and alwayes oppofed that Elati- on and Non-elenion which the Semipela- glans fetched from forefeen merits and de- merits, or (as the Remonftrants change the words but not the fubitance of the opini- on ) from the forefeen good and evil adi- ons of men. As therefore we grant it a foolijh and impious opinion , to father evil anions and unhappie events upon an evil God ; fo we avouch it a more foolilh and impious opinion, to hold that abfolute Pre- dellination and Reprobation do either ne- ceffitate the wills of the elen unto their goodanions , or the wills of thenon-elen unto their wicked anions. Aquinasgiveth in ding. de this reafon of both ; ' pia omnis (Seams YOB¢'' in necefsitate & contingentia f quitur caufam dig d. 1. proxi7nam & non primara. T"reatif . PrHe reafons that have convinced me of the untruth of abfolute Reprobation now follow. And firk of thofe that fight againft the upper way. They. are drawn ab incommodo, from the great evils and inconveniences which iffue from it naturally : Which may be referred to twomainheads: a. The Di(honour of Gods á. The Overthrowof religion and government. r. InCOn- Ìt dithonoureth God : For it chargeth him deeply with Weaience. two things nowayes agreeable to his nature: i. Mens eter- mall Torments in hell á 2, Their Sinn; or earth. y. FIRST,