Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

with mans deffruaion. well as the other : fo God confìdering all mankind inwrapped in the guilt of Adams rebellion , abfolutely deterrnineth to free fameboth from their finne and punifliment, and 'as abfolutely deter.mineth not to free force others;andyet their own finne and not Gods will was the prime caufe of their be- ing tormented, though Gods was the prime caufe diflinguifhing and determining who Mould be delivered andwho fhould be con- demned. Whereas it is furtherobjehed, That ab- folute Reprobation is a principal) & invins cible caufe of many mensdamnation, in that it maketh it neceffarie and unavoidable ; all this proceedeth from an-erroneous and falfe imagination, That Gods abfolute will of not producing fuch a good at or event is an invincible caufe of producing the contrary evil ad or event : Whereas this negative will of God is no caufe at all of mans finne or mifery but his own pofitive will is the caufe both of his wickedneffe and ofhis wretchedneffe. He is the true and principali caufe of any effed or event, who imployeth his faculties and indeavours to bring it into being ; not he Who onely refolveth not to hinder fuch evil er`f-ects, though he forefee they will come into being if he prevent them not. For firfi, this decree of negative RReproba_ I: 3 Lion i E