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O f Sat4Msßratagems: 7; her liuings,that is,Godhimfelfeofhis right.He commeth to Magiflrates & Iudges, andoffereth vnto them great bribes, iftheywill peruert iuffice, and foputteth out their eyes that they cannot fee right fromwrong : for, rezr4Ydblinderh the Deut e. ig. eyes o f the peruerteth the words ofthe iufl,as it is Deut. ,16..19.Ifhe feeone in officecouetous,he promifeth great re- .uenewesand fiately houles, ifheewill deceiue the Prince. of his right,and oppreffe the fubiectwith grieuous extortion : and the like offershemaketh tocouetous gentleren,if they will build their houles with the blood oftheir tenants, and by grinding the faces of the-poore,and by inhaunfng their rents, and increafng their fines tofuch vnreafonable rates, that the poore tenant can fcarfewith the fweate ofhis face . earnehisbread... Neither doth hee angle with this baite in the Court and countrie only, but hee thinketh it fit forthe citie alto : forhe commeth to thecouetous Merchant,and promifeth him that. in loch acountrie he fhall hauegood tratficke,if he will dif- femble his religion,that is,denie Chrifi beforemen :heoffe- reth to the fhop-keeper increafeofwealth, ifhe 'will vfefalfe waights & meafures, and falfe lights,orelsfell fuchwaresas are neither profitable for the Church nor Common-wealth ;. or adulterate and falrfie his fiuffeby mixingbadwith good; or aske double theprice,fwearing that it coil him more than afterwards hinrfelfe is contented to take: in a word,ifinbuy- ing and fellinghe wil vfe fraud,lying,fwearing and forfwea- ring, hee promifeth tomake him a rich man, though often- times heedeceiueth him; for in fiead ofincreafing inwealth by thefevngodly praálifes, oftentimes hee becomesbanke- rupt,the Lord layinghis curie on thole wicked means,with-. outwhole bleflìng thebuilder buildeth and the labourerla- boureth but invaine,asit is Pfal.127.1.z.So altohe commeth PIaL 117 ,IA. to the Artificer,and telleth him that ifhe wil be rich,hemufÍ make late ware :and whatis that ? finch as is fleight andalto gether vnfit for vfe; as though that were a ofi fit for fale which is fleight and altogether vnprofitable. And fo com- mon nowadaies is this fault, that nogreater difpraife canbe' giuen, then to fay is isPale ware, as though now nothing which: