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CHRISTIAN WARFA ß. 'WHEREIN IS FIRST GENERALLY SHEWED THE MALICE,POWER AND politike f1r°atagems of the f irituall enemies orour faluation, Satan andhisaflìíkants the world and the flefh;with the meanes alfo whereby the Cbriflianmay withfland and deflate them. AND AFTERWARDS RPTD MORE C+ ALLI THEIR ART againft thefeuerall caufes andmeanes of ourfaluation, whereby on the one fide, theyallurevs tofecuritie and prefumption, and on the other fide, drawvs to doubtinganddefperation, areexpref- fedandanfwered. WRITTEN ESPECIALLY FOR THEIR SAKES who arecxercifed en thef iiriteÑllconflict oftemptations, and are affliaedin confcience in thefight and fenfe of their fanes. By x. D O VV NAM E, Batcheler in diuinitie and Preacher ofGods word. THE SECOND EDITION, CORRECTED AND much enlarged by theAuthor, as further appeareth in the Epifile to the Reader. `Put on the wholearmour ofGod, thatyemaybe able tofand againft theaffaults ofthe Distill, Ephef.6. i r . AT LONDON. Imprinted by FE L rx K YN O s T ON, forEliKabeth Burby, widow, andare to be foldat her fhop inPaules Church- yard, at the figneofthe Swan. 1608.

TO THE GODLY, ZEALOVS, S, AND SIN- CERE PROFESSORS OF GODS TRVE RELIGION, SIR IOHN SCOTS Sit' THOMAS SM I r Hand their Ladies; Mailer R o- g Rr CHAMBARLAINE Efquire, and Mifiris ANNE CHAMBERLAINE his wife, his welbeloued andmoil refpeaed friends : I. D. wifiieth the frui- tionof all the true comforts ofthis life, and eternall happineffe in the life to conic. Anifold (Right WorfhipfulI) and moll dangerous are the temptations and affaults of ourfpirituall. enemies, where- by they labour to hinder the ffluarionof Gods ele 1, and to increafe the greatndfe of their hellifh dominions, by with- drawing(ifit werepoflible) Gods feruants from their fubietionand allt'ageance, and making them their flaues and perpetuali vaffils. To this end they take in- defatigablepines, going continually about feel ng whom they may càeuoure ; lometiines like rorng Lions, compellingby violent force, and fornetirr es 2 like

3 THE EPISTLE DEDICATORIE. likeold Serpents, alluring and deceiuing with tread cherous policies. Neither doe they reft in the time ofour reft,butwakingand fleeping they fet vponw, one while inticing vs to fwallow the poyfon of finne, with the fugred baites of worldly vanities, and another while driving vs into their fnares of perd ition, with the fharpe pricking goads ofmife- rie and affli6lion. Before vs they fet carnal!. plea- fures,deceiuing riches, and vainehonors, to allurevs to come into thebroad way that leadeth todeftruai- on : and behind vs they hold the three- ftringedwhip of loffe, flame, and punîlhment, to keepe vs from goingbacke, and tohaften vs with winged fpeedeto runne forward in this liellifh iourney. Neither doe theygreatlycarewhat pathwe chufe in this common wayofperdition ; whether the fpatiousway of fecu- ritìe and prefumption, or the ftrait path of horror anddefperation; whether the toyling way ofvnfati- able couetoufnelk; or the loft fairewayof bewitch- ing pleaiures; whether the open way of worldlineffe and atheifine, or through the hidden thickets ofhy- pocrifie and di_fïitnulation é: in` a word, they regard not in what waywe walke, fowegoe forward in the wales of finne ; for though they feeme diuers and contrarie one to another, yet they haue all the fame end, meeting together in hell and deftruótián. And howfoeuer they cannot withall their Malice, power, and policies, attaine vnto their defires, by bringing Gods eledt and faithful! ones to perdition and end- lefle miferie ; becaufe God their heauenly father who hath taken vpon him their protection, fruflra- teth all their fubrill policies with his all-feting wife- dome, and withftandeth all their might with his al- mightie

THE EPISTLE DEDICATORIE. mightie power, yet doe they exceedinglywith their affaults and temptations, foyle, vexe and trouble them by working in force, forgetfulneffe of God and of themfelues, fecuritie, and careleffe retchlef- ncffe; and turwoyling others with horrible feares, defperate doubting, aid bitter agonies. Whereby it commeth topafle, that the one fort fecurdly goe on in finne, forgetting the end of their creation, re- demption, and holievocation, vnto which Godbath called them, vntill with Salomon they haue found in the endoftheir worldly delights, nothing but vani- tie and vexation offpirit : and the other are fo of frighted,aftonifhed,and continually tormented with doubtings, feares, and thecontinual' .affaults oftheir fpirituall enemies, that they goe mourning all the day long, piningaway ingriefe andanguifh ofmind, tillat lait they grow wcarie of their hues, thinking their foules an intollerable burthen to their bodies, and theirbodies to the earth. The confideration of which lamentable and too too miferable effeets, as it fhould moue al Chriflians tohand vpon their guard, and to arme themfelues with the fpirituall armor, that theymay notbe ouercome oftheir temptations, and fall into thefegreat mifchiefes : fo fhould it moue Gods faithfull Minihers (whole dutie it is, not onely themfelues to walke in the waies ofrighteoufneffe, but alfó as fpirituall guides to leade others with them) in difchargeoftheir confcience before God, and in Chriflian commiferation and compafion to- wardstheir brethren, tovfeall good meanesboth by fpeaking andwriting, whereby they may bee pre- ferued and freed from there fnares which their fpi- rituall enemiesdoe lay to intrap them; by beating If 3 downs

Iob:32,4.%. THE EPISTLE DH DICATORII±, downewith the canndn-fhot of Gods threatnings9 the high fortsof their proud prefumption, and rou. zing them out of thé deepe ¡lumber of retchleffe fe_ curitie ; as alto by railing vp and comforting thole that mourne in Sion, ¡looping, yea lying grouelling vnder the heauieburthenoftheirfinnes. The which howfoeuer it is performed by many, in refpea of theirfeuerall charges committed to them ; and fome allo haue briefly touched fome points in writing, which concerned the comforting and raifing vp oftheir private friends ;:yet not any (that I knowof) hauein ourlanguage: largely andgenerally handled thofe controuerfies,andfpirituali conflias betweene the Chrifiian and the enemies of his faluation, for the commongood ofthe wholeChurch. And ther- fore hauing with Elihu long-waited to fee if thofe who were more ancient, better experienced, and more richly furnihed with Gods gifts and graces thanmy felfe, would undertake this worke, which is to Godmoflacceptable,and tohis Saints and chin. dren fo profitale and necefiarie : at length after o. thers long filence, I refolued to fpeake, and no lon- ger toconcede fuck true comforrs,as God bath re- taealedvnto me ; to theend that hereby I might re- leeue and comfort thofe who are poore in fpirir,and humbled in the fight of finne ; or at leanbyoffering willingly to thisvfe my fmall mite,' might giue an occafonvntoothersbetterable,tovnlockeand open their rich-treafuries, that theymay bellowvpon their poorebrethren theirgreat talents and gifts of better value. The which my labours as Idid not rafhly vn-e dertake them,foI hauenot fuddainelyfinifhed them; for almoíl three yeeres Pince I purpolcd to take this work

THE EPISTLE DnDICA 7ORIP6 Worke in hand, which I hauenow by Godsaffiftance finned ;but at the fins (I confeffe) I intended not that it fhould come into publike view ; but onely ( as others before me) propounded as the end ofmy labours , the comforting and railing vp of a moft faithful! feruant ofGod, and my moft Beare friend, whobathbound mewith many benefits to the per- formanceofall Chriftian dudes. Butafterwards fin- ding it to grow to fuch a volume, that it was too great to paffe in a written copie ; and hoping that that which was profitable for one might bee be- neficial! vnto many, at length I refolucd to make my labours publike by committing them to the preffe. The principal! things that I propounded tomy felfe in this rreatile are there ; firft and fpeci- ally Iendeauourto comfort thole who are affii6ted in confcience,in the fight and fenfe of their firmes, byofferingvnto them certaine afiürance, that their fumesare remitted, and that themfelues are elected to eternal! life, in the 'late of grace, reconciled vnto God inChrift,and receiued intohis loue and fauour. Secondly, I labour to leade the Chriftian in an men courfe, vnto the hauen of eternal! happineffe; that hee maynot runneafide, neither on the right hand, and fo fallingvpon the rockes ofprefumptionmake íhipwracke of his foule, nor yet on the left hand,and fo plunge himfelfe into the guile of defperation. Wherein I haue purpofely and aduifedly auoided their praäife, who fcatter their confolations they know not where, to bee applied they care not by whom ; whereof it commeth topaffe that thole that are molt fecure and prefumptuous arrogate them, to whom they doe not appertaine ; and thole that A4 are

THE EPISTL1 DEDICATORII. are affiiTedandhumbleddare not appropriate them to themfelues; becaufe theyare deliuered indefinitly to all, without all caution or any condition, where- by they might bee reftrained rather to them than a- ny other in whom finne yet liueth and raigneth. Wherein they refemble negligent Phyfitions, who hauing made good medicine for a ficke man, doe nor give it vnto him, but caft it carer fly into force corner, whither the ficke patient in refpeä of his faintneffe and weakeneffe is likely neuer ro come : which being found and greedilie drunken vp by thofe who haue no need of it, in Bead of doing them good doth turne to their bane and vrter de- firulion. Laftly, I haue defired to glue folid and fubf}antiall confolations, which are firmely groun- ded upon Gods vndoubted truth, and fuch infallible reafons as cannot bee gainfàid; and haue withall deliuered the conditionr,vponwhich they are to bee receiued, and the vndoubted fignes and markes of thofe,towhomofright they appertaine 3 to the end that thole who find there things in themfelues, may not doubt to apply them to their wounded"confci ences, whereby they may bee foundly cured and throughly comforted; and that thofe who find no fuck condition obferuedby them, norany Each fìgne or marke in them,. may bee,debarred fromparticipa- tingofthere: confolations, which would nourifh in them fecuritie "and prefumption; and contrariwífe examining themfelues according to thefe rules,and finding no correfpondencie betweene ,themfelues and them, mayhereby bee awakened out oftheir le- thargic of fecuritie, and attaining vnto a fight and fetIfeof their miferable eflate may neuerbee atref'r, till 1

THE EPISTLE DEDICATORIE. till by vfing all good meanes for this purpofe, they may find thefe markes and lignés of their eleaion, vocation,iuftification,and fanilification in them,that fo theymay boldly and fitly apply vnto themfelues thefe comforts and confolations as rightly and truly appertaining vnto them. All which my labours I thoughtgood to dedicate vnto your worfhips, part- ly becaufe I defired to giue this tef}imonie of my true thankfulneffe, for thofemanifold benefitswhich from fotneofyouI haue receiued, and of minevn- fàined loue which I beare to you all, foryour vertues and approoued godlinefï'e ; and partly becaufe I thought none fitter to whom I might commend this difcourfe of the Chrrftian Warfare, then your felues who are old experienced fouldiers in figh- ting there fpirituall battelles, and therefore haue iu- diciall feeling and fenfible apprehenfìon, of thofe things which I haue written and commended to your patronage. Now the Lord our God,who is the fountaineofall goodnefhe, and the foie giuer of all trueconfolation, increafe inyou more and more the gifts and graces of his fan ityrog fpirit, and fo fill your hearts withall found fpirituall comfort, and the toy in the holy Ghoil, that you may through the courfeofyourwhole hues, cheerefully goe forward in theprofeffion and fincere praáife of his religion and true godlinef e, and after.this life may receiue that crowneofrighteoufneffe, which is prepared and laidvp for you inhis kingdome of etanall glorie. A-ren, ToHrWorfhips in theLordmolt afjured, IoHN DovvNAiE

TO THE CHRISTIAN READER. Yr f ianReader,hauing been incouraged bydiuers, no leJgodly then judicious, whohaveperufed theftmypoorelabours, andgiuen them theirapprobation ; and not a littlecomforted in my f lfe,in that, through Gods blfirlg, I haue been a meaner of comforting others, for the refrefhing ofwhof faintingfoules1chfy intendedall my paines51was made themore willing againe to reuiew them, for thyfurther be- nefit, andnot onely topurge themfrommax, faults which f apedin thefirft impre ion, but of to adde föme things which being wanting in the framer edition didmake it fememaimedand imperfect. As namely, confolations for thofewhoare troubledwith tentationsarfngfrom blafphe- morns fugg(ions ; and the rfutatiou of thofe chid/ions whichimpugne the certainty(fourperfeeuerance.fyet there beany thing (asno doubt there are many things) wanting to make this treatife complete, or any thing alreadie writ- ten which doth not give fatisfa/áion, I would intreate the godly learned, asalpthofe whohawing been long trainedin thefchooleofthefee f irituall affliöions andtentations, are nowgrowne expert fcholars through theiroyvnefèelingand experience, that theywouldhelpe by their Chr f ian letters tofuppliemy wants, and to admonifh meofmy flips that 1 may reforrxe them. In themeane time 1commend thofe and allother my labours to the blefing ofGod, and thyMe to hismollgraciousandalljificientprote(-7ien.From Lathe. Lurie in London the 2o. o f0c7ober. i 6o8. Thine in theLord, IOHN DOYyNAMB.

s THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOOKE. THE CHIEFE POINTS HANDLED in the firftBooke. CHAP. I. TT/at all Godsferuantsare offaultedwith the f irituall ene. mies oftheirfaluation. P4g.11 That theflrongfaithwhere? fniorldlings boß, is nothing elfe but fecuritie andvaineprefumption. 3. 4 Thar Gods f ruants may rather hecomforted than d:fmaied by heaJJaislts oftheirfpirituall enemies. CPAP. II. «hyeodfufereth hisfsruants to be exercifed in the fpirituall conflitt oftentations,namely, forhis owneglorie, and their tterlaftinggood. CHAP. ITT. *arguments toencourage the wears Chriftian to enter into this fpirituall corzfiii. 'ITT. CHAP. . Ofthemalice ofour ßirituall enemie Satan, ioyned with vi 16 lente undfaljhood, and howwemay withflandit. CHAP. V. Ofhis firength, courage, and audacioufnefe, and how weemay withftand them. 23 CHAP. VL OfSatana aides ;andfirg ofthe "-rorldd 31 1-low theworldtempteth byprofperitie, and how Wee may refill thefe tentations. Jsì'e it tempt eth by aduerftie, and of the rneanet »thereby rywee

tiiíT'3`:''4-.'..!'ì;xyìDii THE CONTENTS. may refill thefe tentations. CHAP. VII. Oftheflefhwhat it is,andhow?ve mayfibdue it. 37 CHAP. VIII. OfSatanspolicie,andhowwe maydefeate it. 40 C H AP. IX. Ofthefprrituall armour, defcri6edEph.6. 44 CHAP. X. Oftheparticularpartsofthe Chrian armour andfirlt ofthe girdle ofveritie. 4Y CHAP. XL Ofthe breaflplate ofrighteoufneffe. 51 CHAP. XII. Of thepreparation ofthe Gofjell of peace. 54 CHAP. XIII. Of the fhield offaith,and what ismeant by quenching Satins darts. 55 CHAP. XIII!.' Ofthe helmetoffaluation. S7 CHAP. XV. O f the (wordofthe f iris, andhowwemugvfeit in theconfliEt of tentations. 59 CHAP. XVI. Ofprayer, andtheneceffitie thereofin theftirituallconfliEt. 63 Of thepropertiesrequired inprayer. 65 Ofwatchfulnesinprayer. 67 Ofperfeuerance in prayer. Whereis alfo ¡hewed why the Lord delayeth togrant thepetitionsofhis clildren. 69 CHAP. XVII. OfSatansfiratagems.Firli how, hefitteth his tentations accor- ding toour ofeEtionsand naturall inclinations, andhow wee maydefeate thispolicie. 72 CHAP. XVIII. .NowSatanfittéth has tentations accordingto ourflate andcon- dition. 4ndhowwemaywithflandthefe tentations. 78 Bow Satan tempteth prof-cif-ors of religion whop profefonis only inPhew. 82 Howhe tempteth thefincereprofeforwho is weake ingrace. 84 Dery 34:

0 THE CONTENTS.. 86 CPAP. XIX. . now Satan allureth vs into hainous/innes by degrees, and horn wemay withftand his tentations. 87 ¡Ion, hee laboureth to drawmen out ofoncextreme into ano- ther. CHAP. XX. RowSatanmoouet hvs topropoundhadends togoodanions. 90 Howhe mooueth vs to vfe mill meanes, for theofeCtingofgood ends. 91 ,howhe tempteth vs tobeproudofourvertues. 92. CHAP.XXI. Ofthemanner ofSatansfight. e4nd how he taketh all aduan- tages againfl vs. 93 Kalb hee tempteth vs molt dangeroufly when wee are molt fe- cure. 94 That heit neuer wearie in of wilting vs. 94 Row he oftenchangethhis temptationsfor his betteradvantage; andthat this diprobable f gne he doth notpremaile. 95 RovSatan crf nulteth vs immediately himfelfe. 97 Ron, he tran.;formeth himfelfeinto an Angelloflight. ibid. That he ismolt to befeared Inhenhe mole flattereth. 98 .Holt Satan vfeth the world as his in/Irument to intice vs to finne. 100 ,Howhevfeth our owne f efll as his infirument, and of the mani.. foldaduantages that he taketh hereby. I oi Rowwe mayauoidedanger,though we cannot difcerne_Satan: tentationsfromour oane lufs. 103 ,How Satans fuggefttons may bee difcerned from our owne lulls. 104 CHAP. XXII. Ofthecommonafeîtionsof thisfpirituallconflia : namely, the Chrillians/landing in tentation andmanfizll refillance; and his falling in the timeoftrial/. I o6 Ofthegenerallmeaner whereby the Chrifltan may be enabled to with,land the tentationsofhis f irituallenemies. I o6 1. Tomeditateon Codscommandment, ettcoura irçg him to this fight. i o6 z.Affured EotySatan tempteth the/trongChri/tian.

THE CONTENTS. 2.e.lured hope ofviaorie. ioS 3. To bealwaies in readineffe. 10 4. To take occafonofSatans tentations vetoAnte, ofdoing the contrarie vertue. 107 5. To refill the tentationwhenit isfirflffgefled. i o8 6. Topreparehimflfe for another tentation when one is pall: where altofilch reafonsarelet down as mayperfiradehim to per(mere in thisfight. 7. Not to beleeueSatans f uege fiions. 1 1 2 8. Neither todefpife Satans tentations, nor too deeply to oppre- lend them. 113 9. Toobiel Chrifl ag-ain/lall tentations. i i io.To ¡canedrfputingwith Satan, and tofendhim toouraduo.. 4 cate, /eras Chri/l. i i.Tabufeonr felt/es continually inholy & honefl exercifes.i r 6 12. Not to reuolueSatans tentations,but to meditateon thecon- trariepreferuatiues. 117 CHAP. XXIII. Ofthe Chriflians falling into tentarion,andofthemeaneswhere- bybeingfoiledhemaybe raifed agame : namely, f tith, andre- pentànce. /18 Confolations for thole that bewaile their want offaith and re- pentance. DO they are to know that the delre ofGodsgraces is acceptedfor thegraces which they delre. 120 3. That Satanpreuaileth agáinflvs, not by his abfolute power kitby Codr permiflion,whowonldnotInfer this but one/yfor his ewne glorieandourfpirituallp-ood. 131 That horror, feareand defpaire folloltng- ourfalles,aróue oar diffidence in Godandfelfe-confidence. 135 3. The lafl confolatioutakenfrom experience which wehaste had ofthe Lordsafflance. 135 THE CHIEFE POINTS HANDLED in the fecondBooke. CHAP. I. 4nfreres to thof tentations of Satan, whereby heeprrfradeth carnal¡men ofGods laue, 138 Temporal!

THE CONTENTS, Temporal/benefits , no infalliblefignes ofGods lone. 140 Satans tentationswhereby he perfivadeth weaks Chriflians that they arenot belouedofGod, anfwered. 141 That carnalimenhaue no ofurance of Gods loue though they boat'? thereof. 143 That euerieparticular Chrif zi iämay beafaredofGods lone.i 44. ThatdoubtingofGods loue is iniurious vntehim, andpernicious to ourfelues. 145 Theeittls that accompaniedoubtingofGods loue, and the bene- fits whichfollowourperfvafon thereof. 147 CHAP. II. That our f ones andvnworthineje fh ould not make vs doubt or Gods lone. 148 That we are neither belated ofGod, elected, redeeYned, called, iu- fßified, fandtifìed, orfined for any refpett ofour owne worthi- neffe. 749 Thatbeingvnworthie inourfelues, weare loued, eleEted, as d f i- uedinChri¡i. 156 CHAP. III. That temporal! affbEtions are ratherfgnesofGods loue, than of hishatred. 157 That (pirituall affltEtion s are nofgnes ofGods hatred. i 60 Examples ofClods deareftferuants *hohaue bin exercifdwith Mira-stall oflip lions. I 6z e dangerous tentation grounded vpon our not profiting byaf- fiFtions, anfìvered. 166 That it isnofit time to fudge ofourjpirituallgraces in the con- flrEt oftentations. 167 That Gods deere¡l children in the time oftentation haue Aewed impatiencie, andvttred inconfderatefpeeches. 163 The obie .fionout of Eccief.9.I . anfwered, and theplacecapons.. ded. 17i CH AP. IIIT. thecaufes, fubieit, obie t1, andproperties there- 175 CHAP. V. wherewith he ajfatiltethworldlinv, awfrered: whereby bee perfvadetb worldlins that all in ofGods election, of. Satans tentations andfir fl that

THE CONTENTS. e40" in the end'hall bee faced. 178 Satans temptationgroundedvpon thevnchangeablenelfe of Gods predestination,wherebyheperfwadeth them desßerately togo on infnne,prouddtobefool' fh,falfeandimpious. i go CHAP. VI. Satans temptations whereby bee moueth the wakeChri1fian to doubt ofhisele¿lion, anfwered. as Thecaufes which moue Satan and his instruments to per,(wade the?beake Christian todoubt ofhis election. 185 The¡late ofthis questionbetweene Satan& the Chriflian. 187 Thatwemay becertainly affuredofourelection, proudby testi., monies ofScriptures. Z 8q an obiefliongroundedvpon the indefinitenefe ofcods proms:. fes, anfwered. 192 That we may beallured that we are the faithfullvnto *hum thepromifes ofthe Gofellaremade. 193 a,4 temptation grounded vponour want ofof urance thatwee hauefaith, anfwered. 195 CHAP. VII. That we maybe affuredo fourelection, prouddbymanyfirong ar.. guments. 197 That ouraffuranceAct&not bemixt with doubting : and that doubting is notacommendablepropertie ofaith, but afruit of vnbeleefe. 199 Thatfaith is a certaine And particular perfwa f on, andnot a doubtfull opinion orgeneralinotion. 20A, CHAP. VIII. Thatwe maybe aflaredofourelectionby the tesiimonieofGods fpirit. 211 .Howwe may knolb that Gods Spirit dwelleth invs. 145 Howl-be maydifcerne the testimonic ofgods Spiritfromour own prefumption. 217 CHAP.;IX. Ofthemeanerwherebywemay be affuredofour election. 221 Thefirflrneanes, the te§limcniicoftheholy Ghofl. 22Z Dicersdifferences betweene the telimonie ofthe f iirit andpre- fumptuous Praritie. 22I Thefecondmeans, thehearing.o f theword, 224 Thirdy,

THE CONTENTS. Thirdly, by thevfe oftheSacrameuts. 225 Fourthly, by tbeefev s ofourele5tion,vocation, iulification,fan< EtijiCation. 225. &C. That ourfanEtification is the touch one ofallthe reg. 229 That thofe who will beattiredoftheifeledion,muli beginat their fan5tification. 231 Ofdiuerslndsofcounterfeitholincfe, whichglue no affurance ofe1ec`tion. 232 Ofthefruits andproperties oftruefandiftcation 233 CHAP. X. Of tenfgnesandinfallible noteswherby wemay beattiredof our election. 235 CHAP. XL Theobiettions alledged a, lain. the affurance ofour election, anfwered: andfiri tthofe which aregroundedvponteflimonies ofScripture. 248 That feare anddif ruff in our ovine neakneffe, andaffurance of our elutionmay together. 2 53 CHAP. XII. The reafons alledged againg the affhrance ofour election, an® f- - ered. 262. That not afurance,but doubting ofour electron proceedeth from prideandprefumption. 262 Ourvnworthines no caufe whywefhould doubt ofour eleciia.264 That?beak ief fe offuthand certaintie ofaturancemay wellftand together. That aweakefaith doth as tritely affure vs of our eleaion as 7ronger. How our faith though afaulted with doubting, may bee cer- taine. 267 That the fight ofour imperfettions, is no caufe Why wee fhould doubt ofour eleltion. 273 That this doctrine openeth noway tofecurity andprefumpta.276 CHAP. XIII. Ofour redemption, what it is, by whom, from what, withWhat price, and to what endweare redeemed. 278 CHAP. MM. Satans temptations concerningour redemption, whereby hee me- il me

THE CONTENTS.' meththe worldling toprefumption, anfwered. 282 Satans tentation grounded vpon the doftraie of vninerfll re- demption, anfered. 282 That Chri/ls redemption is not vniuerfall, but only of Godselect, prouedby te f imonies ofScripture. 283 Thefamepointprouedbydicers reafons. 285 Obiel-tions alledgedagainf theformerdottrine,an f tiered. 22i7 Inwhatfenfe ChriflisPaid to haue stiedfor amen. 287 CHAP.XV. That all, who are redeemed by Chrifi, are alfo by him fanEti- fied. Satans tentationperfwadingworldlings to limelicëcioufly,becaufe theyare redecmed,andfball therefore befaued,anfr Bred. 292 Ofthe three degrees ofour redemption wrought by Chrft, and how theyfollow oneanother. 296 CHAP. XVI. Ofthofetentations whichSatanvfeth againft thefaithfall, con- cerningtheir redemption,andhow they mayanfwere them.3co That it is not repugnant to gods iu,flice, to punifh Chriftfor vs. 300 That Chriß bath offered an al-fisfcient priceforour redemp- tion. 3o2 Satans tentations againf `t the particular applicationof Chri/ls merits, anfwered. 304 Ourfalling intofinne, no reafon toprone that we arenot redee- med. 3 0 That Godis not angrywith thefaithful,thoughhefeemethfo.3o6 Satansaffaultingvs, noreafon toproue thatwegrenot redeemed fromhis power. 07 That thoughwe die,yet weare redeemedfromdeath. 31 o That thofewho areonce redeemed, cannot againebebrought into bondage. 312 CHAP. XVII. Ofour vocation, what it is, and thekinds thereof. 313 Oftheparts ofour ofeetuallcalling, andfirfl ofour f paration fromtheworld. 316 Ofthefcondpart ofoureffeEtuallcalling, namely the reciprcall donationofChrif tovs, andv,r to Chrf. 317 Of

THE CONTENTS.. e O f the thirdpart, namelyour vnion with Chrilt. 3t g CHAP. XVIII. Satans tentationswhereby hefeeketh to makeo#r calling vneJfe< civall, anfwered. 320 Ofthe nece tie ofoureffec`tnallcalling. 320 Satans tentations whereby he mouethvs to neglect themeanes of our ofeCuallcalling. 322 Motiues toperfivadevs to thediligent hearingofCodsword. 32Z CHAP. XIX. Satans tentation, wherebyheperfwadethmen that theScriptures arenot Gods word, anfwered. 329 Semen reafons toproue that the Scriptures were indited by ÿods Spirit. 330437 CHAP. XX. Fourreotherreafons toproue that theScriptures are the Word of God. Wherealto diners obieCtionsareanfwered. 337. 3 49 CHAP. XXI. Thelagargument toproue theformerpoint,takenfrom the tefti- monie ofGods Spirit. 349 CHAP. XXII. Satans tentationsfuggefted againfl the tranflations of the holy Scriptures, anfwered. 354 CHAP. XXIII. Satans tentations taken from the euill lines ofthe Auinirters of theWord, anfwered. 356 That the tincked hues ofthe Minillers, fhould not make vs neg.. left their mint.s`terie. 360 CHAP. XXIII!. Satans tentations taken fromfundrie opinions,feCs,andreligions, anfwered. 363 Row the vnlearned may difcerne the true religion from that Which isfaite. 365 CHAP. XXV. Satans tentations takenfrom our vnworthineffeandvnfatneffe to haareGods word, anfwered. 369 CHAP. XXVI. .Ho' ' ive tmegarme our (dues againFt Satans tentations,whereby he laboureth to makithe wordofGodfruitleffe. 372 cv12 How

>..< , THE CONTENTS. .116wwemugprepare our[clues, beforewe heure Gods word.3 7 3 O f theduties whichwemustperforme in hearing. 376 Ofthe duties lvhtch we muffperformeafter wee baue heardthe word. 379. CHAP. XXVII. Satan.[ temptationswhereby heperkadeth men to delay their re- pentance, an.]Zvered. 38 t Ofthree motives wherebywe may beperfwadedtohafien our re- pentance. 382 CHAP.XXVIII. Ofthe fourthmatisse takenfrom thedi cultie ofrepenting, cau- fedbydelayes. 3 89 That the time offfck,ws, andtheheureofdeathis maß vnfrt for repentance. 395 CHAP. XXIX. Of flue other motines to enforce theformerpoint. 398 CHAP. XXX. Two lets which cant worldlings to deferretheir repentancere- mowed. 407 Thefrfl takenfromanabut ofGods mercie. 407 Theothergroundedon theexample ofthe concerted theefe. 410 CHAP. XXXI. Satans temptations moiling men to refi in a counterfeit repen- tance,auf'xered. 413 Ofdiuers things required vnto truerepentance. 414 I . Knowledgeandfight offinne. 414 Ofthemeaner wherebywemayattain to a true fight of fin. 419 2.. That ourfinnesbe sr(efomeandgrieuous unto vs. 421 3. efAn earnefi defire tobefreeclfrom finne. 422' 4. That we come to Chrififor thispurpofe. 423 CHAP. XXXII. Satans temptationswhich he vfethagainfi thofwhich are called tobring them toderfiaire, anfwered. 426 Reafons toperfwade theweahe Chrifiianoftheforgimenes ofhis fins. Thefar f%whereofaregroundedon Gods ownenature. 429 Thefirfi argumentgroundedvpon gods infinit mercie. ibid. CHAP. XXX III. Ofthe fecond reafon toperfwade thewake Christianof thefor- giucnes

THE CONTENTS. giuenes ofhisfinnesgrcunded vpon Gods iu/ice. 438 CHAP. XXXIIII. Of the third reafongroundedvpon Gods truth. 441 CHAP. XXXV. Ofother reafons to prooue theforgisienes offinne, taken fromthe firfl perfon inTrinities 449 Ofother reafons toproue theformerpoint, takenfrom thefecond erfon in Trinities 450 Realns tapéfro the office ofChrifl toproueforgiuenes offin.4 j 5 Reafons takenfrom the third Perron in Trinstie, to prone the famepoint. 463 CHAP. XXXVI. Diners other reafons produced to thefamepurpof. 464 i . Becaufe it is an article ofour Creed. 464 2. Takenfrom the tef imonieofGodsfaithfull c 3'liniflers. ibid. 3. From thecontrarie tefimonie ofSatan. 66 4. From the experienc Gods rdoning others. 468 CHAP. Satans tentationwhereby heefisggefleth that theChriflian isnot effe ually cal, oivwee mayknow whe herwe be e eltuall y called ; and oft e ?manes ofe f feCtuall calling. 475 Satans tentation aufwered, whereby he perfwadeththeChrsfli- an that he loueth Cthe HAP. I,X and the XXVII I him. 478 Satan! tentations obiec`ting to the weak.e Chrifiian vnrepentineie andhardnes ofheart, anfwered. 485 Ofthe dicersforts o fhardneff e ofheart, andfirft ofthat which is infenfible. CHAP. XXXIX. 486 ()Moat hardnes ofheart which is ioyned with fenfe and feeling thereof. Confolationsforflab at bewaile their ímperfeE1 ions inhearing the word. 494 CHAP XL. ConfolationsforEach as bewaile their wants inprayers 498 CHAP. XLI. sob Of the infalliblefigues oftrue repentance. 4 3 That

TIDE CONTENTS. w That the affuranceofthe rem:fftonof finites, dependeth not on the' dignitieofrepentance. CHAP. XLII. Ho*wemayproueagain,ft Satans tentations, that tree haue true faith. 515 Ofthe diners degreeso f faith. CHAP. XLIII. Satans temptations grounued vpon our want of f nfeandfeeling offaith,anpvered. CHAP. XLIIII. .How the tbeake Chriflian is to comfort himflfewhen he is depri- tiedofthefenfeoffaithand othergraces, andfenfblyfeeleth the contrarie corruptions. 53 I CHAP. XLV. Ofthemeaneswhereby ourfaith may bee flrengthonedand in. created. .539 Ofthemeanes wherebywemay be preferued from doubting and desperation. 543 CHAP. XLVI, Satans tentations concerning fmalenejf ,and weal tines offaith, anfivered. That a weaheandfmall faithmaybea true andliuelyfaith. 55 t That all thepower of hell cannot preuaile again thefnalle t meafureof aith. 553 CHAP. XLVII. Satans tentation concerning the certainetie and conflancie of faith, anfwered. 555 Satans tentationgrounded on theflrong faithofothers of Gods children, answered. 557 That Godboth can andwill uphold the treaiefbeleeuer. 561 CHAP. XL VIII. Ofour iuflification what it ls,and the canfe.c partstherof564 CHAP. XLIX. That we are notiuftified by our worker and merits, proued firft by theScriptures. 571 Secondly, bydiners arguments. 577 CHAP. L. Thatfaithalone iuflif eth; andhob this is tobe vnderflood! 579 That

A THE CONTENTS. Thatfaithdone iu. ifieth,proouedbothby teilimoníes and reel.: fans. 58o That not our owne,but Chrifis righteoufneffe is thematter ofour ita f cation. 58 . CHAP. I.I. Satan: tentationsmowing the weak.e Chriltian to doubt ofhk iu- fiification, anfwered. Ate' 587 THE CONTENTS OF THE third Booke. CHAP. I. Offanîtification, whatit is, and thecaufes thereof. 593 CHAP. II, OftheofeEts,fubiett, obieët, and timeofourfanttifccation. 599 CHAP. III. Ofthe partsof fanEtification, mortißcation,and viurfication,and how theyare vreught invs. 6o3 CHAP. IIII, Satans tentations, whereby hee inticethvs to commit finne, an- fwered. 609 (Many reasonsferuingaspreferuatrues, tobeep vsfromthe con- tagion o f fanne. 611 CHAP. V. Of the twoforts ofpreferuatirses tokeepe vs from falling into pine. 617 CHAP. VI. Of fome#eciallmeans whereby we may bepreferssed from corn. mitring rune. 62Z CHAP, VII. Satans temptations ,whereby hedifcourageth theChriflian in the worke offanEiification, anfwered. 6z5 7hacin themoltfandified, remaineforre reliques offinne, and the can[is thereof. ib That our lìoantsand corruptions fhould not difcourage vs, but redouble our care anddiligence. 6%8 Confolations tokeepevs frombeingdifeouraged, whenwefee and feete ourwants andcorruptions. 6%9 The

THE .CONTENTS. . Thecaufes wherefore God cloth not perfeEtly fvflevs in this life. 63 8 CHAP VIII. Satans tentations drawnfrom ourflowgoingforwardin fana ttifacation, anfwered. 637 CHAP. IX. Satans tentationswhereby he aggrauatethourfaunes ingenerall, anfwered. 64/ What it is towake,after the f elb andafter thefpirit. 643 Thedifference beticeene the[Imesofthe regenerate, and theun- regenerate. 644 CHAP. X. That/mnnescommittedafterrepentancearepardonable. 646 That all fanes ofknowledgearenotprefumptuou.r. 64$ That finnes committedagain[ knowledge arepardonable. 649 Offînnes oftencommitted. 652. CHAP. XI. Ofthe tentationsofblafphemies, wherewith Satan laboureth ta hinder the Chriftian in thecourfeoffanaifacation. 654 O f the dinerskinds ofblafphemous 655 Confolations to (1rengthenvs againft wickedblafpheanies. 659 O f themeaner to befreedfrom there blafphemousfuggefliós.664 CHAP. XII. Satans tentationswhereby he perfivadeth the Chrifian that bee hatbfinnedagainft the holy Ghof. 668 What thelime againft theholy Ghoft is, andhew itmay bee cernedfrom otherfanes. 669 CHAP. XIII. Satans tentationswhereby he impugneth the certaintie of our perfeuerance. 671 ef4rgunscnts toproue thecertaintieofour perfeuerance. 675 CHAP. XIIIIandXV. Other reafons to proeue the certaintie ofour perfeuerance. 679 CHAP. XVI. XVII. XVIII.andXIX. ObieEtions ag-ain// the doctrine ofperfeuerance takenfrom te. .ftimonies ofholy Scripture, anfivered. Er.ata. Pag.657.1. rz.r;. r. himfelfe. p.66o.1.z. r.plainely,and1. 3g. peace.p.696,1.g. r.verf S.vnto the9.pag7o;. l.zo.r.renued.p.7o7.Li9.r.meanes p.7oB.17.r.teach ng. p.7r3.1.37,r.ofthe. p.716.4 3, 4. ra;ainfl the holy.p.727,1. 37. r.propofition,

THE FIRST BOOKE INTREATING OF THE POWER andpoliciesofour fpirituall enemies,andofthe meaneshow we may withf}and the one and.defeate the other. CHAP. I. Thatall thegodly are affaulted with thelinrittsallenemies of theirfabsation. HEApoftle halting (hewed themyflerie ,Sec`!.x. ofour faluation and the caufes thereof; for theconfirmation ofourfaith, in the three firf+ chapters of his Epifile. to the Ephefians,aud afterwards in the other chapters hauing fet down diuérs duties both generallie belonging to all Chri- iians,andalfo particularly appertaining to menoffundrie conditions, thathemight moue them to repentance :and a.- mendment oflife ; in thenext place,like the LórdsCentinel, dothdifcouer and gibevs warningofthe approchofmighty enemies, willing vs to arme our feluesit all points in our ovine defence, and couragioufly to (land vnder the flandard ofChri(t Iefius,that we may be continually in readines to en- dure the encounter,chap.6.10.1i.&c.Wherebyhe giuethvs ll thatrvill tovnderftand, that as foone as we feekc foraffurance of fal- NiueHuGods nation inChrifl,and endeuour to ferue the Lord in a hohe pecparYettoem and a-Chrifhan life, we are toprepareour felues for a corn-Bluesfgrthe. bat,vnleffe we wouldfuddenlybe furprifed ; for the fpiritual /7irituali tetra+ enemies of our faluation bandie thcmfelues againfl vs as bit. $ ,foone`

That all thegodly areafrassltedwith tentation. fooneas we haue giuenour names vntoGod, and taken vp.. on vs the profeffionandpraáife ofChriftianitie, «rhich are the liuerie and cognifance ofour heauenly Lord andMafier. And this is manifefl by the example of Godschildren from time to time,who although they liued in peace and fecuri tie before they were intertaincd into Gods familie, yet no foo- ner were they admitted to bee ofGodshoufehold feruants, but Satan and the world haueraged againfl them, laboring both by inward temptations and outward furie, either to withdraw them fromGods feruice by flaming inticements, or vtterly todeflroy andouerthrow them byopen violence, Gen.s. No fooner had Abel offered a facrifice offweete finelling fauourvntoGod, but Satan flirreth vp Cain to become his butcher : Mofs wascontented to bee reputed the fonneofPharaohs daughter he enioyedall profperity,but as foone as hee ioyned himfelfe to Gods people and Church, Pharaoh feekethhis life: as long as the Ifraelites worfhipped the Egyptian Idols,they fat by their flefh-pots inpeace, and quietlyenioyed thefruites ofthe land; but as foone as they madebuta motion offeruing the Lord, the King furred vp by the diuell,doth rage againfl them with more thenbarba- röu§crueltie': whilell failperfecuted the Church of God, Satandid not fo much troublehim either outwardlie in bo- die or inwardly inmind; butno fooner was he truely con- uerted to the faith and preached the Gofpell, but pretendie he fetteth hiswicked impes on work e to takeaway his life ;; which the Lord not permitting, hemooueth them toperfe- cute himby imprifoning,whipping,and flouting him ; and not content with thefeoutward atfliaions, hee fendeth his a tor. iz. tneffenger to buffet him, that hemight be no leffe vexed in- wardly in mind then outwardly inbodie. Yeahe (parednot our Sauiour Chrifl himfelf, butas fooneas he began to flew hinifelfe to be the fonne ofGod and Redeemerofinankind,. in performing the duties ofhis calling, then efpeciallyhe bendeth alhis force againfi him,he tempteth and affaultéth 1aah.4, him fortiedaies together, and taking the foylehimfelfe,hee flirreth vphiswicked initruments to perfecutehim, and at. _length to takeaway his life, Whofoeuer

'Matallthegodl are afftultedwith to;tatïon-i Whofoeuer therefore refolue to be Gods feruants, mufr make account to behis fouldiersalto; andwhilefc withNe- bemiae followers,with one hand they performe the workes Nehen4 I7 oftheir callings and Chriflianitie, they tnufl with the other hand hold theirweapons to repell their fpirituall enemies, who continually labour to hinder the Lords buildings for no bonerdoewe becomefriends toGod, but prefentlySa- tan affaulteth vs as his enemies ; no fooner doewee receiue the Lords pre(%mony and let foote into his campe, but Sa- tan aduanceth againfa vs his flagges of defiance, labouring both by fecret treacherie, and outward force, to fupplant and ouercome vs. Here thereforeis inflru6lion for fecure worldlings; and 4.Sea.2, confolationand incouragcment for Gods children.Worldly The twofold men in fiead offighting theLordsbattailes,fpend their time vfe Afihi dad in chambering and wantonnes, in lulls and vncleannes, in arise Muficke anddalliance, in furfettingandal voluptuoufhes,in couetoufnes and idlenes, as though there were no enemie to affauit theni,andas ifSatan were fome meeke 'Lambe and nota roring lion readie todeuoure them; fo that goodMo- fer commingneere them cannot heare thenoife oftheni that haue thevióIorie,nor thenoife of them that are ouercome, but thenoife ofPinging andmeriment, for they arenotflgh- Exod.;s: ting the battailes of the Lord of hofls, but folemnifng a Sabbath to thegoldenCalfe, fitting down toBate anddrink and rilingvp to play. The fpirituall Cananites arequite for- gotten,and they remembernot thebleffed landof promife-, -whereunto like pilgrimes,theyfhould bee trauailing, but make thisworld, thiswildernes offin, the place oftheir ioy and delight.Ina word, they flourifh in their outward (later, and their minds feele any vexation ofSatans temp- tations. Andwhat is the caufe ofall this ? Ifyouaske them, theywill fay, that theyhaue fucha flrong faith andpeace of rhdttbngs confcience, that Satans temptations haue no power ouer peaceQs.occe- them ; neither were they euer troubled with any ofhis en- t'etlitast f-om counters. And not content withthefebraggesoftheir ovine f renatb but happie eílate,they cenfure and condemne Gods children, tar"U1 accounting their (late troll defperatewhoare molefledwith curiae. B z Satans.

, That allthegoer& ireaffaultedwith tentations. Satans temptations, and goemourning vnder the burthen. offnne all the day long ; fuppofingeither that they are in Satanspower, and haue more grieuouflie finned then other men 'or that they aremad and frantick fo ro vexe thenifelues with fuch needelefhe forrow. But let fuch menknow,that of all others their 'late is moll dangerous, for they are grie- uouflie fcke,andhaue no fenfe oftheirdifeafe,their wounds are fo mortall that they dcpriue them of all feeling ; they are affaulted,yea taken prifoners whilcfl they fleepe foundly in fecuritie,anddifcernenot the approchof the enemie.Non ergo repugnant, quay f impuunariignorant : Theymakeno re- finance, becaufe theyare ignorant oftheaflult. And what can bee more dangerous then tohaue the encmie approch and lay hands on vs beforewe aware ? But this is the fate Fihrellk , ofthole men for as one faith,Tummaximèimpusnantur,cum fe impugnari nefcíunt : They are moli affaulted when they feele no affault.Let them know, that they are not the Lords fouldiers but the diuels reuellers, and therefore he fighteth not againfl thembecaufe they arehis friends. For therewas -newer any :ofChrif}s fouldiers in the Militant Churchwhich haue not Been txercifed in this warfare; therewas neuer any fo f}rong in faithbutSatan durf} encounter him,euen the A- pbífles,yeae4dain'in the fiate ofinnocency,yeaour Sauiour Chrifì himfelfe; there were newer any fo confiant in the courfeofÇhrif}ianitie, but the world bath fought todraw them out ofthe right way byher baites ofprofperitie, or to force them to finiteby threatning aduerfitie ; there were ne- wer any that haue had ,in them one fparke of Gods fpirit (Chriftexcepted) who haue not felt it affaulted and often foiledby the fiefh.For theflefh luitethagain li thef7»rit,andthe firitagainfl theflefh, andtheyare contrarie theone to theother, Galas. 5.a7;.; as itis Galath.5.1y. Yea the Aponte Paulhimfelfe whenhe. Rom.;7.23. vvas mof} fanefified,fauvanother lam in his members rebellinga- gainft the lamofhas minde,leading him captiue to the lain offn, as appeareth Rom.7.2 3. It is not therefore -their flrength.offaith, but theircarnali fecurity which foluiieth them afleepe in the cradle ofworld- 1yyanities that they cannotdifc.erne thisfight; it is not their peace

Thatallthegodlyareal j"aultedWith ttntatiens, 5 ,peace withGodnor the peace of confcience which makes them thusquiet, for thereis no - (fuch)peace, faithmy Clod, to thetbicked,Efa.57.2I.but it is a peacewhich they haue made ECa. Ç7.2t. withSatan, a couenant withdeathand an agreement with hell, as the Prophet fpeaketh : Efa. 8. i 5. When the bong armed Ela,i8.r;. manSatan (quietly) kecpes thehowfe, the things that he poff. r- loth-are in peace; but rhl rj rwithout poffeífe htn,he will neuer lofe his poífeílion a fight, andwe cannot chufebut feele the blowes in fo íharpean en- counter : Luk.i i.2i.Ifamanneuer enter the field to fight a- Lott. tt.t r. gaina Satan, or ifat the firft encounter lice yeeld himfelfe prifoner,and be content tobee tied in the pleating fetters of finne, it is nomaruaile that hee doth not rage inhis confci- encc,when as aireadie he is in his captiuitie roadie to per- forme all thofe workes of darkenes wherein hee imployeth him:but ífwhenChrifl the Redeemer is preachedvnto them byhis Ambaffadours, they would thew any dcfireofcom- ming out ofhis thraldorne, furely this fpirituall Pharaoh Would neuer lofetheir feruicebutby force and compulfion, neither can fo fironga manbe forced but wee mull needes feele the confli6t. While theprifoner lieth in the dungeon, loaded with bolts and tied in chaines,the keeper fleepeth fe- curely, becaufe heknoweth he is fafe ; but ifhisboltsbeing filedoffandhis chaises loofed, he haue efcaped out ofpri- fon, then theTaylor beginneth tobuffle and purfueth him fpeedilie with Hueand cry : fowhilef+ Satanholdeth vs im- prifoned in thedarkedungeonofignorance,loaded and tied with theheauie bolts andchaises offinne,, hee is retchlef e and fecure ; but ifour Sauiourby his Arnbaffadours in the preachingof the word, loofe and vnburthen vs of thefe chaises andbolts,and by the light ofhis Spirit fo illuminate the eies ofour vnderf}anding, that we fee thewayout ofSa- tans dungeon ofignorance, and fo efcapeout ofhis capti- uitie, thenhe rageth againfl acrd purfueth vs,asPharaoh did the Ifraelites, that either hemaybring vs backe againe into his bondage, or elfe deftroyvs,ifwe make refiflance.Laílly, they feelenot anyfight between theflefh and the Spirit,be- 'caufe the flefhwhollyruleth them, and like a flood which 83

4.Sá`í. ç. That the true Chriflian may receiue com- fort byfeeling thef/'iritrcall conflirt. Iieuel.ta.t 7. 6 Thatall thegodlyetreaf farsltedwith tentatson:. hath acleere current carieth them whollie into a fea offinne without any flop or refiflance,and therforenomeruaile they feele not this fight,when the fpirit which is oneofthe coma batants hath noforce norrefidence inthem. Secondly,Gods children who continuallie feele the aft. faults oftheirfpirituall enemies; and fee thebreacheswhich are madein their-fóuleswith thecontinual' batterieof their temptations,may receiue no final1confólation hereby,when as theyconfider that all who profeffe themfelues Gods fat= uants, and refolue toferue the Lord inholines°& righteouf nes,are thus tempted and tried. For the Dragonis Wrothwith the woman (thatis,Gods Church)and her f ede which keepe the commandements ofGod,andhaue the tefimonie o f lefuChriit ; as is Rettel. z.i 7.and likeatoring lion feeketh theirdeflru- ¿lion,becaufe theyhaue renounced him,and fight under the flandard of the Lordofboils whom hec maligneth : and hence it is that whileft we liuewithout fenfeoffrn, wee Bate and drinke and takeour eafewithout diflurbance, but after we make any confcienceofour waies and cndeuour to ferue theLord, then Satancaflethagain-1 vs thefirie darts of his tetnptations,andwe feelemanyconSsbetweene the flefh and the fpirit; with which the worldly man is:neuer trou- bled.Sothat when-weare thus tempted andaffaultedbySa.. tan,the world,and our corrupt flefh, it is afirong argument to-perfwadevs that wee are intertained for Gods fouldiers, andhauereceiued the preffe monieofhis Spirit; for Satans kittgdome is not diuided,neither doth hefight as infl thofe whoare his friends and feruants,but againfl thofe whowage warre againfl himand fightvnder the Lords flandard. True it is, that when his feruants haue committed fuch abomi- nableand grieuous fnnes, as haue made deepe wounds in their feared"confciences,whereby theyare awakenedout of their fleepielethargic of,fecuritie, then Satan filleth them with horror and c'efpaire, that hee may keepe them from true repentance,when he canhide from them their-finnes -no 1o11gcr-;hand the Lord in his-iuft iudgement, and for theex- mapleofothers, doth fuffer Satan to begin in them the tor. scentsofhellin this life; but ifbee canbyany meaneshide their.. r

Why Codfuferethhitfermnt.s -tobe tempted. heir finnesandkeepe themquietly inhis kingdome,he will .newer vexe them.Andhence it is that whereas one perifheth through defpaire, many thoufands perifh throughprefun p- tionand fecuritie. Let all-thofe therefore who feele thebur- thenoftheirfins, andare vexedwith thecontinual) äffaults oftheir fpirituall enemies,comfort therrifelues; for hereby they haue affurance that they are members of the Church militant, intowhichnone but fouldiers are intertaincd, and that now theybegin tobeGods friends and feruants when as Satanoppofeth himfelfe againft them. 7 CHAP. IL WhyGodfsffereth his f rrsant c to beexerci fedin the#óiritudll eonfsî1oftentations. Vthere it maybe demanded, why the Lord will fuffer his feruants to bee-thus tempted andaffaulted, whereas the wicked are free from fuch conflio`}s. I anfsere, firft for his owne glorie, for whereas our enemies are firongandmighty, and weweake & feeble, hereby is theLords omnipotent power manifeiled toall the world,bywhofe aflifiance fuch impotent wretches conquer and fubdue fuch furious and puiffantenemies. Secondly, God fufferethhischildren tobe tempted, .that fo thofefpiritual graceswhich he hathbefiowedvpon them may themorecleerely thine tohis glory.For who canknow whether theybe Godsgoldsveffels before they bebrought to the touch fione oftemptation?Who couldknow the faith, patienceand valour of Gods fouldiers, if they aiwaies lay quietly in garrifon and neuer carne to the skinnith ? Who could feel the odoriferous finell oftrefe aromaticall fpices, if they were not punned andbrufed in the morter ofaffli- &iions ?For example,who would haue difcerned Abrahams faith, Daauids pietie, lobs patience, Pauls courage and -con- fiancie, iftheyhad beenneuer tempted, which now to the glorie ofGod thine toall the world ? B4

w, why Codfi4f erethhisferudntt to be tempted. And as the Lord fuffereth Satan and his impel to trie his children for his owne glorie,, foalfo for their fpirituall and euerlaflinggood: for fïrli herebyhe chaf{ifeth the for their -f;nnespafi,and recalleth them to their remembrance,that fo theymay truely repent ofthem. And this caufe lobfpcaketh lob. r3.2.6, of': Iob.i 3.26. Thou lbritell (faith he) bitter thingsagain( me,and maheffme topofeffe, the iniquitiesofmyyouth. Secondly,hereby hee manifefleth unto vs our fecret and hidden finnes,which the blind dies ofour iudgement would notdifcerne,iftheir fight were not quickned with this (harp water oftemptation. For fo long aswe line in peace,our fe- cure confciences neuer fummon vs to the barre of Gods iudgement ; but when wee are roufedvpby temptation,we enter into a more f{rait examination of our felues, and íearchwhat fecret fumes lie lurking in the hiddencorners of our hearts, that fo we may repent ofthem and make our peace withGod, without whole aflif{ancewee canhaue no hope to f}and in any temptation. Thirdly, the Lord herebypreuentethour finnes to come t for when wehaue experience,that the moll lharpe weapons, which Satanvfeth to infli61 deepc wounds in our confcien. ces, are our fnnes;this willmake vs moll careful! toabflaine from them, lefi therebywe firengthen him for our owne o- uerthrow. And as thefe temptations ofSatan are in this re- gard fomany bridles to refkraine vs fromGnne ; fo alto they are fo many pricks to let out the wind ofvaineglory, where- with likebladders webe puffed vp,as wee may fee in the ex- ample ofPahl, who left hee fhould bee exalted out ofineafure through the abundance of reuelations, receivedaprickein the I, COL 11.7. flefh,themeffen .er ofSatan tobuffet him : 2.Cor. i 2.7. Fourthly, the Lord fuffereth Satan to affault vs,that wee niayherebycome to the fight ofourowne weakenes and in firmities,whenwee haue receiued many foiles; and learneto relievpon his helpe and affiflance in all our dangers; for fo proud we are by nature,that before we come to the fight we think that we can repel! the f{rongefi affaults,and oucrcorne all enemies whichoppofe themfelues againfivs by our owne power,; butwhenw'e.e fee Cur feluesvanquifhed and foiled with