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h'rii`Y¢i9YS:'ï :1'wUDéiir,.`._.. 78 O, fSatans,/i=rgtagettnr, byconfidering that it is idolatrie, and the roote ofall euill Epilef 5.1. thatthe rich(thatis,fuchas Pet their heartsvpon riches) fhall A4atth.i9.14. as hardlyenter into Gods kingdome,asa Camell thorowan needelseie;thatriches are momcntanie and mutable, and Luis, ta.:o. wee mortall,and therefore haueno afltrance ofthcm for the .fpaceofone day.And whenany commoditie is offered vs,we are to looke twice on it before we accept thereof,examining whether wee may compaffe it by honefl and good tneanes, and without the hurt of ourbrethren, and thenwe may take it as Pent fromGod; otherwifewe mayafhure-our felues, that howpleafantly foeuer the baite looketh, yet Satan bathhid under itadeadlyhooke,and therfore ifwe fwallow thebaite thehooke willchoake vs. And thus alfo are we to behaue our felues in refpeaof all other finnes,to whichwe finde after due examination we are addic`Ied,ifwee will be fafe from the diuels malice and cun- ning furie, knowing that where we aremoll weake, there he will giue the moti violentaffauits. Hom Satanfit- tethbis temp- tations toour worldly eftate, CHAP. XVIII. HowSatanfitted,bis temptations toon?. fateand conditions. Vt asSatan fitteth his temptations to our na- ture and difpoítion, ío alto to our Plate and condition : for this al& heòbferueth,andac- cording to the qualitie thereofbee tempteth vs to fuch finnes, as byreafon thereof wee are moil inclinable : and this he lothboth in re- fpe&ofour worldlyandallo our fpirituall eine. In regard ofourworldlyef}ate,he obferuethwhether we are in prcfpe- ritie or aduerfitie,Ifwe be in profperitie,then he temptethvs to thofe untieswhereunto that eí}ate is moil fubieóó,namely, to pride and forgetfulnes ofGod, -to contempt ofour poore brethren, to the loueofthe world,tocoldnes in religion and carnall fecuritie ; forhe willperivadevs, howwickedly foc- ucr we liue,thatwe arehighlie in Gods fauour,otherwifehe would