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Ai%.-i, f4ilráYi?':s ..,;,a,.,..:,.... Eri tv Sdta4 d:a?eth Witb the (iron.g Ghri- Rian. Pfal. tp.i;.. 2.Cor,il.1 4. 86- OfSatan,flratagenu. that he cannot takeany aduantageoftheir ignoiránce,nor o+. uerthrow their faith,thenhe laboureth to trr: ke themwound> their confcience, by committing fins of prefun,ptionagain1 their knowledge,vfngthe violence oftheir affelions, to a- bide their reafbnand mifleade their iudgement ;the danger. ofwhich te,nptatio-n Dattid well difcerning byhis ownwo- full experience, doth earneffly intreate the Lord topreferue ..' himfrom prefamptuous fins,Pfal.i9.13.And thus hath Satan, preuailed with fomany ofGods ownechildren,that hedura therewith of ault our Sauiour. Clarifl himfelf,byofferinghint the'and the glory therof; ifhewould fall down and worfhip him; that hisaffe&ions-tickled withambition,. might mouehim to commit this finfor the fatisfying his de- fires.3ut ifhe cannot thus preuaile,he wil transformehimfelf into an angell oflight,and tempt themto the doingofa 1ef e good,that theynray negleaa greater ;; or that which is in it felfe lawfull and commanded inhis due time &place,hewill tempt them toperforme it vufeafonably, wh as other duties in refpeáofprefent occafion aremore neceffary;andfovfeth onevertue or.dtttyto (boulder another,& thruff it diforderly out ofit-ownplaceand ftanding.Forexamplc,in thehearing ofthe word he wil cad into theirminds meditations,in their owne nature good and acceptable to Godin theirdue time and place,to the endhe maydiflraa their mindes and make themheare without profit : in the time ofprayer he will not flick to recall to their memöries fom.e'profitable inflruélions which-they haueheard, at the fermón, to the end hemaydi- ffurbe them in that holyexercife,andkeep them from lifting vp their hearts whollyvntoGod.Moreouer,in "al his tempta- tions hewill alleage fcripture; but then either hee depraueth the place byadding or detra&ing,,as wh healleageth fcrip-r, tune toour Saui;our Chriff,Matth.4.6,It it .written,he villgi:se 'his angels chargeosier thee; &c. and leaueth out tokeepe thee in Allthy waies, which, is expref fed in theplace he quoteth,Pfah 99.11. becaufe that made quite againffhim; or if-hee recite them right, he-will wreff the words vntoanother fenfe, than the hoiie Ghofl hath written thetn;thatfo hemaydeceivevs andleade isinto error. , CHn