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?'cmporatafflit?ionr no trae/igm.rofGods &itred. i y9 are (harp falues todrawout our fecret corruptions,andbitter potions. to cureour defperatedifeafes. Theyare that worrnc. wood, wherby the Lordweaneth vs fr6 the loue of world, whole pleatingdelights wewould euerfuckwithout weari-, nes, ifour mouthes werenotdiflafledwith fome aflliIions. Theyare roddes,wherewithbeing fcourged, wee are made more circumfpcáì in our waies, and morecarefull to per- forme obedience vnto all thecommandements ofour heap. ueniy Father. In a word, theyare the (irait path which lea- deth toeuerlafling happineffe, and a bridle to refiraine vs from running headlongin thebroade way,which leadeth to endleffe woe &miferie.And therfore feeing our momentany affli &ionsdo ferue for the manifeflingofGods glory,for the increafingoffpirituall graces,and the furthering odour eter- nal! faluation, let not Satan perfwade vsthat wee areout of Cods loue and fauour becaufe ofour.afflilions, but rather let vsrepute them as theyare indeede- fignesofhis gracious prouidence andfatherly care whichhehathouer vs. , But here the tempter will obic& thatthis I fpeake is true 4.SeE1. 3. ofthe outwardafflilions ofthe bodie,:for thereby the flefh Satans temp_ is mortified and fubdued, and the fpirituall gracesofGods tationsgrorrt. fpirit exercifed and increafed invs ; but thy affiiClions(will dedupon aar he fay) are farre different, for thy foule is filled with horrour 5i:jjs au41i- and feare, thyconfcience ismortallie flung withfinne, and the waight thereof ouerwhelmeth thee; thou-feeflthy felfe fubiecl to thecurfe ofthe law, and art alreadie tormented withthepaines ofhell ; thy God.wholookethvponhis chil- drenwith.anamiablecountenance, frowneth vpon thee like a feuere Iudge, and thou taflefl ofnothing but ofhis heauie wrath anddifpleafure ; in a wordjthouhaft not onefpaake of true confolationwrought in theeby Gods fpirit,withwhich, thofe that are Godschildren arefullyrcplenifhed,andwirer- by they are incouraged patiently to abide all affli6hons, but thy inward vexationsare the torments ofan euil confcicnce;. and the-fiafhingsof hell fire wherewith herafterthou (hait eternallybe burned. To this, temptationwemufl ánfwere,thatit cannot bede- niedbut thatthe:afflid?ions ofthe minde are farre more Brie- cous.