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168 Thatwecannot iudgeofour effáte in the time oftentation. oftemptations,but wee are to looke into our felues when the fit is pa.f+ and the confli&ended, and then !hall wee finde our patience by experience of Gods loue confirmed, our faith renued, all other graces firengthened and increafed ; and then 111all wee clearelie difcerne the bright beamesofGods. loue and fauour, fhiningvpon vs, when the cloudcs oftemp- trtionare pail: away which did hide therm fromvs. g,Se3.8. But ifin the timeoftriall and temptation we iudge accor- Tbat.Gods ding toour prefent fenfe and feeling,wee mull needs bee de-- deare children ceiued : for it cannot be deniedbut that euen the de are chil- in grie'w s . dren ofGodwho haue receiued a great meafure of grace, temptations when the handofGod is vpon them doe doubt of his loue fhew rmi,o i- ency,axd vttrr and fauour, and when they are grieuouflie affli&ed doe be- fometime in- Wraytheir corruption, and Phew their impatience by vtte- confiderate, ring inconfiderate fpeeches; for while weecontinue in this e <chcs.. life, we haue the reliques offinne hanging onvs, and we are partlie fleshand partly fpirit,yeathe flefh is the ífronger part, and therefore it is nomeruaile if the flefhbeingpinched in the timeoftemptation doth complaine, and being launced deepelie with the rafor offharpe affli&ions Both cry out for paine, complaining ofthe Surgeon that he dealeth too rigo- roufliewithhim. And ifmen through bodilie ficknes haue their iudgements blinded, their vnderftanding dafíed and milled, their memorieouerthrowne, fo that they can put no differencebetvGeene their friendsand their enemies,but euen raile vpon thefe whom in the time of their health they dearely loued,and thinke none fo much their enemie as their phyfition, rauing and inconfideratelic fpcaking they know not what ; what wonder is it if-the like effe6ts follow the fickneffe ofthe foule,when it is as it were fet vpon the racke, preffed with the burthen offinne, and tormented with the apprehenfion ofGods anger, confidering that thefe kinde ofaffliaionsare farre more grieuous and without compa- Pto.1Li4. rifonmore intollerable, for a manmayfuf1aine his infirmities, butawoundedfJirit 7,rho can beare ? as it is Prou.28. i 4. What meruaile then is it, ifthey takeGodfor their enemie, when they feele his fharpe medicines,though in truth he bee their louingPhyfition, who by thismeanes cureth them of their. difeafes