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TIDE CONTENTS. w That the affuranceofthe rem:fftonof finites, dependeth not on the' dignitieofrepentance. CHAP. XLII. Ho*wemayproueagain,ft Satans tentations, that tree haue true faith. 515 Ofthe diners degreeso f faith. CHAP. XLIII. Satans temptations grounued vpon our want of f nfeandfeeling offaith,anpvered. CHAP. XLIIII. .How the tbeake Chriflian is to comfort himflfewhen he is depri- tiedofthefenfeoffaithand othergraces, andfenfblyfeeleth the contrarie corruptions. 53 I CHAP. XLV. Ofthemeaneswhereby ourfaith may bee flrengthonedand in. created. .539 Ofthemeanes wherebywemay be preferued from doubting and desperation. 543 CHAP. XLVI, Satans tentations concerning fmalenejf ,and weal tines offaith, anfivered. That a weaheandfmall faithmaybea true andliuelyfaith. 55 t That all thepower of hell cannot preuaile again thefnalle t meafureof aith. 553 CHAP. XLVII. Satans tentation concerning the certainetie and conflancie of faith, anfwered. 555 Satans tentationgrounded on theflrong faithofothers of Gods children, answered. 557 That Godboth can andwill uphold the treaiefbeleeuer. 561 CHAP. XL VIII. Ofour iuflification what it ls,and the canfe.c partstherof564 CHAP. XLIX. That we are notiuftified by our worker and merits, proued firft by theScriptures. 571 Secondly, bydiners arguments. 577 CHAP. L. Thatfaithalone iuflif eth; andhob this is tobe vnderflood! 579 That