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w, why Codfi4f erethhisferudntt to be tempted. And as the Lord fuffereth Satan and his impel to trie his children for his owne glorie,, foalfo for their fpirituall and euerlaflinggood: for fïrli herebyhe chaf{ifeth the for their -f;nnespafi,and recalleth them to their remembrance,that fo theymay truely repent ofthem. And this caufe lobfpcaketh lob. r3.2.6, of': Iob.i 3.26. Thou lbritell (faith he) bitter thingsagain( me,and maheffme topofeffe, the iniquitiesofmyyouth. Secondly,hereby hee manifefleth unto vs our fecret and hidden finnes,which the blind dies ofour iudgement would notdifcerne,iftheir fight were not quickned with this (harp water oftemptation. For fo long aswe line in peace,our fe- cure confciences neuer fummon vs to the barre of Gods iudgement ; but when wee are roufedvpby temptation,we enter into a more f{rait examination of our felues, and íearchwhat fecret fumes lie lurking in the hiddencorners of our hearts, that fo we may repent ofthem and make our peace withGod, without whole aflif{ancewee canhaue no hope to f}and in any temptation. Thirdly, the Lord herebypreuentethour finnes to come t for when wehaue experience,that the moll lharpe weapons, which Satanvfeth to infli61 deepc wounds in our confcien. ces, are our fnnes;this willmake vs moll careful! toabflaine from them, lefi therebywe firengthen him for our owne o- uerthrow. And as thefe temptations ofSatan are in this re- gard fomany bridles to refkraine vs fromGnne ; fo alto they are fo many pricks to let out the wind ofvaineglory, where- with likebladders webe puffed vp,as wee may fee in the ex- ample ofPahl, who left hee fhould bee exalted out ofineafure through the abundance of reuelations, receivedaprickein the I, COL 11.7. flefh,themeffen .er ofSatan tobuffet him : 2.Cor. i 2.7. Fourthly, the Lord fuffereth Satan to affault vs,that wee niayherebycome to the fight ofourowne weakenes and in firmities,whenwee haue receiued many foiles; and learneto relievpon his helpe and affiflance in all our dangers; for fo proud we are by nature,that before we come to the fight we think that we can repel! the f{rongefi affaults,and oucrcorne all enemies whichoppofe themfelues againfivs by our owne power,; butwhenw'e.e fee Cur feluesvanquifhed and foiled with