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IMMie a attsn___ Ö fSf- slice. 19. thischief (port & pafliine to deflroyvs. Yea he is farmore dangerousfor theotherrageth-but againíl thebodie, this againftboth bodieandfoule; thatbeaiiwe mayeafilyauoid, but itis impoflible to 'flee from this winged Dragon, and therefore there is noothermeanes to efcape his furie,but by arming,our felues.flrongly,and fighting valiantly tilwe haue put him toflight. And thusyouíceSatans malice ioytied with crueltie and ().Sea. 3: ragingviolence,which hee vfethwhenhee bathanyhopeof Satansmalice, furprifingvs byaffault ; but ifhee finde vs firongly fortified ieyttedvvith. withGods graces, and at all points armed with the corn- treacherous pleatarmourofa Chriflían, if he perceiue thatwe are hed- falfehood. ged in and fenced onall fides (as he fpeakethoffal, chap./ Lb z.ioe I o)thatis,guarded andproteótedby Godsalmightie and al- rulingprouidence, fo thathebathno hope ofouercomming vs byaffault and force, thenhee fheweth no leihe malice and more fubtiltie in feeking our deflru. ion, by fauning vpon vs, and alluring vs to finne,by offering the baites of honour, pleafure andcomrnoditie, that fohemay make entrance as itwere byapofterne gate,and fubduevs while we are aban- donedoftheLords affillance,anddifarmedofour fpiritual1 weapons,whereby we fhouldmake refiflance. And thus lie dealt withour firfi parents, who being inticed to finne, and alto yeelding to the inticement, and fobeing depriued of Godsprote%ionand the breaft-plateofrighteou(nes, were laidopen to thole deadlie wounds which hee infli&ed on them, For affoone as theyhadmadof the forbidden fruit, they perceiued their nakednes, and therefore couered them- (clues with figge leaues, too weake an armour to repel! the fidedarts ofSatan. Thus he difarmed the Ifraelies,by temp- ting them toworfhip the golden Calfc, fo that c'tofes faw that they were naked,thatis, difarmed of Gods fauour and -. prote&ion, Exod.3a.25. And this his policie he taught his Exod.3z.z feruant Ralaam, who whenhecould not curie them whom God hadbleffed,gaue this curfedcounfaile toBala4 that theMoabitifh womenfhould intice the Ifraelites to.commit with them firfl carnal, and thenfpirituall whoredor e,know- ing that tobe the onelie meanes tobring .Gads'curfe vpon C z xherne i