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t.Pet.z:ti.. Lulc.t s.t;.. L'rou.ze},s4 ;q;tr O fS4mnspeticie. ned and enabled to fubdueandmortifiethe lullsofthe Befit,. which rebell and fight againfl our foules, being affured by Gods mercifull promife, thatifwe aske and defire his Spirit,, he will giue itvs,Luk.r i .13 .andhauing the Spirit ofGod to- aflìfl vs,we (hall be fure ofvióorie. But ifin (leadofmortifying and taming the f efhand the lulls thereof,wee pamper them likeEpicures withall volup- tuousdelights; wee (hall butflrengthen ourenemies to cut our owne throtes : if wee delicately bring vp this feruant, . whichwe fhouldvie as a flaue, atlength it will be not onely as our fonne, but a tyrannous Lord and mafler, which will bind vshandand foote in the fetters offinne, and call vs in- to the prifonofhell. What follie therefore isit to nourifh and arme our enemie toour owne deflruaion ? fr.Sei. i. Apoc.tas9®. CHAP. VIII... O fSat44zn rpolicy.. Nd thus much ofthe flefh, which is the fecon& enemie that ioyneth with Satan in working our deflru6ion ; & thus much alto concerning the firfl part ofourenemies power,which con fifieth in the firengtheither ofhimfelfor ofhis aides.Nowwe are to confiderofthe fecondpart,which con - fifleth inhis warlike policie and skill, in imploying thishis flrength tohis bell aduantage. Ifour enemie had great ftrength, and yet wantedpolicie, he might themore eafilybe refifled, and the fooner vanqui- Ihed; for ílrength without wit is like a giant without eies. But as our enemie is exceeding flrong, fo is hee alto no leffe fubtill andpolitike, in imploying all his flrength to his bell, aduantage ; and thereforeas in regard ofhis flrength hee is called in theScripturesa lion, and a mightie dragon; fo in refpe&ofhis fubtiltie and wilines he is calleda Serpent; yea an old ferpent, which being thefubtilefl ofbeafls, bath his craft redoubled byhisage and experience, Apoc.i z.9. and hereof he is calledin theScriptures, kt' "or q i Poi to fignifie.vntovs his great knowledge, Nò.