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Ofthebrew -plate o frighteoufnes. S3 often through infirmitie, yet let the heart alwaies be armed with thebreafi-plate of righteoufüeffe, thatis, with an ear- nefi delire and holy indeuour offeruing God ; and fo fhall Satan neuer mortally woundvs. But on the other fide, ifweonce lay afide thebreafi -plate ofrighteoufnef%; not fo much as endeuouring to ferue the `lord in holinefleof life, but imbrace finne with full confent of will, we íhall lay our breafis open and naked to all Sa- tans thruíis , yea and as it were put fwords in his hands wherewithhe maywound and murthervs : forvntill we dif- arme our felues, and putweapons into the hands of-Satan 'your fumes, he cannot hurt vs; as we may fee in theex- ample of our firíi parents, who whilefi they continued in their righteoufneífe and integritie, Satan could not offer themany violence byaffault and force, and therefore heal- lured them:toentertaine a treacherous parley, wherein ha- iling inticed them todifarme themfelues of this breafi-plate of righteoufnefle, bywilfull tranfgreflîng Gods çomman- dement,he inflicted on them deadlywounds, pearcing them thorow to thevery heart, and fo like loabwhilei hefeemed lovingly to imbrace them, heedid móí1 treacheroufly flab them. The conliideration whereof fhould make vs repell molt carefully all Satans tetñptations, whereby he inticeth vs to finne; but efpecially let vs neuer be allured to putoff the 'breaf plate of righteoufneffe, and then though Satan wound our foules with finne; yet his wounds will 'not be nortall fo long as we doe_not fall into finne with full con- fent of will, but through infirmitie; in themeane time loa- thing thefinnewhich we commit, and delightingour felues in the lawof God, in refpea of the inner man ; for though we fall., yet the Lord will raife vs vp by vnfained repen tance, fo that though finne dwell in vs yet 'Mall it neuer raigne invs. 1C ita A r, 6,.Sec7.2. That the latte ofthis atmolar is morsfetttt4 tious.