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6E OfPr+yer. . !Maim 6.6, prayer; whenas withDauid wve water ourcouch with teares, Pfalm.88. i. P(á1.6.6, and call vpon Godnotonely in the day, but in the P14119.62. night alfo,as it is Pfa1.88.I.And whé as euen at midnight we rcuze vp our felues to giue thankes vnto God for hismercie andbenefits,as iris P1a1.I19.62.The v:atchfulnes ofi:he foule . is when as wee doenot fleepe inour firmes, being rocked iii the cradle ofcarnali fecuritie, but (hake offour drowfinesby vnfained repentance,rifingvp to newnes oflife. And to this. Ephef%.14. watchfulneffe the Apoflle exhortethvs,Eph.5.14 Awake thou thatfleepefí, acrd (land vpfrom: the dead, and (hri f f all glue thee1, ht,rrc. for we aredead in our firmes, till Chriffby his Ephef, 2,t. fpirit mortifie them and reurue vs, railingvs vp tonewnes of life,as it is Ephe12.1. Though therefore we take ourrefl and z.TheLf.6. fleepe in that meafure which nature requireth, yet let vs not fleepeas doe other, (to wit, in carnali fecuritie) but let vshatch and befober, as it is I.Thef.5.6. becaufe in this refpedt it is time thatwe fhouldarife from fleepe, for the darke night of ignorance is paff;and the bright fur--thine day oftheGofpel Rom. z 3.I 2.. iscome, let vs therefore call 6may the rxorkes ofdarknes,and let &e vs put on thearmour oflight : So that zerral&ehonetly as in the day : not ingluttonyand drunkennes, neither inchambering and Illantonneffe,norin /1rifeandenuying:butputting on the Lord le- ftsChri;/, tang no thoughtfor thefleAtofulfilthelu.+`lsthere- of as it is Rom.I 3 .I"2.I 3.14. And this is the Chriflian watch whichwe are to icynewith prayer : butas I wouldnot hauevs put our whole confidence in the fpirituall armour, fomuch leffe in our ow'ne care and . watchfulnes; for weemut} relie our felues vpon Godonelie, defiring him to watch ouer vs while we fleepe : but yet with the Lords affiflance wee mull ioyne our endeuour, and not tirowfilieand fleepelyreceiue his aide : and as thegodly huf bandman expe&}eth the truites ofthe earth from the blel1ng ofGod, and yet notwithf}anding vfeth all paires, care and diligence in piowing,fowiilg andharrowing his ground; fo we are to feeke deliuerance from the force andmalice ofour fpirituall enemiesofGodalone, butyet wee are to icyne our good endeuour carefully anddiligentlie, vfing all thegood mzleanes which are. ordaiaedof for this purpofe. The