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That meeremoral andeiuilvertue r are to becontemned. g; miflead,euento their vtterruine and deflrudlion; imagining thatbecaufe they excel' the offcourings ofthe world, defpe- rateAtheifls,and prophane ruffians, in morali and ciuill ver- tue,andbe louers ofiuflice, fidelitie, honeflie, temperance, and the like, that they may hereby bee approvedofGod in this life, and that after they may fetue as a ladder, whereby theymay afcend into heauen.In themeane timecontenting themfelues to be without all fanólifying graces, as the true knowledgeofGod,faith,repentance and thelike. But that all fuch may ceafe to bee proud of thefegood 44Sca.2. parts,to let their hearts vpon thcm,toouerualue them aboue What isrcqui- Godscaning graces, and roplace in them theirchiefe hap_ red toaverrue pineffe, as though they were fiuffcient for theirfaluatiou;oraíüon that it and contrariwife, that they may lcarne to contcmne and may Y Y goodand cep- bafely to'efleeme of them, in comparifon ofChrifl and his rable, t. that the righteoufrres applied by faith: let themknow that though perfonberege- nerate their vertues,duties,and aólionsbe glorious in the fight of xton- men,yet theyare not acceptablevntoGod,nor fufficient for Cbriß. the fauingoftheir foules.Yea and that theyare fo farre from that high degree ofexcellencie which they dreatne of, that they deferuenot die name ofgood.Forthat averrue,dutie, or aólion maybe trulygood, it is required, that it be good Bona opera non not only for the matter and fubllance ofit, but alto that it canominibua, bewell done : for, as Auflinefaith, a man may doe agood fedex aduer- thing,and not doewell indoing it,becaufe he faileth in his bÿ; iuditanda end and manner ofdoing. Now that it may be thus well roan 10ctfuís done there are dinersconditions required.And thefeeither bonren opuofa- refpeól the perlons indued with thefe vertues, and doing cit,& non benè thefe duties, or the ground and foundation whereon theyfacir,tum non are built, and the fountaine whence they flow, or elk the eft bonumopns, ends which are chiefly and mainly propounded ' to them. Chemnit.loc. Firfl for the perfon it isrequired,that hewho is to do agood C:om.par,;, paó,4b a&ion beingrafted into Chrifl Iefus,and be a true and fine- ly member ofhis bodie;for vnleflè we be in him, wecannot bring foorth anyfruites of vertue or Chriflian duties; as himfelfe plainly teilethvs : e4bide (faith he) in me and Iin Ioh.t 5.4.5. you : as thebranch cannot bearefruite ofit f lfe,except it abide in thevine,no more canye,exceptyeabide in me. Iam the vine, E 3 Ye