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What it required tofauing vertuesandgoodworks. 55 our hearts nitrobe purifiedby faith, before they canworke Aû.r 5.9. by loue; for feeing all vertues and graces are the finites ofGa1.5.6.z4.22. Gods fanc`iifying fpirit, therefore all thole who are not in- dued with this fpirit,are dehitute alfo of all true graceand vertue. So our Sauiour telleth vs thatwe mutt firfi be good trees ofGodsowne planting,before wee can bring foorth any good fruites. Agood tree(faith he) cannot bring foorth Matth.7.18. eutll fruite, nett-her a corrupt tree bring foorth goodfruite. And in another place : -Eithermak,(faith he) the treegood, andhisfr'uttegood, or diemake the tree euill,andhisfruit eutl for she tree is knowneby hisfruit°. To the fame purpofe the Matrh.r z.33. Apofile faith, that to the pure all thingsarepure,but to them Tit.r.t 5. thatare defiledandvnbeleeuing is nothing pure, but even their minderandconfcienees are defiled. Neitherin truth is it pof- fible that wee fhould doe any thing truly good,andaccep- table vntoGod,before we are regenerate and borne againe of water andof the fpirit, feeingwe are focorrupted and dtfabled through originali Gnne, that all aura imaginations a Çcn,8.zr. are only°viii, and that continually, that we cannot ¡omuch eu h think° agood thought, nor C willthat which is good, but as we 6 z.Cor.4.7. are inabled thereunto by Gods fpirit. For we are not onely ` Phil .z.12,. ficke,but (as theApoflie faith) d harke dead in our hones, a Eph.aa . vntill byhis quickning grace wee are reuiucd; and there- fore as vnable naturally todoe any fpiritualland hohe du- tie,as the dead man is to doe the workes of the lining. See- ing then thefe ciuill worldlings wanting faith, and the fpi- ritofGod, are not in Chrifl, and confequently are not re- conciled to God,nor regenerate by his fpirit; therefore in vaine doe they flatter themfelues with an opinionof their morali vertues, and ciuill honehie, in vaine doe they dote vpon, and proudly boafl of, their naturali good parts : in vaine doe they refi vpon thefe meanes for their faluation, feeing their venues arebut falfe and counterfeite,and their workes having no true goodneffe in them, are not accep - ted in the fight ofGod. 4.Se. The fecond condition, is, that thefe vertues and duties 3. haue a good foundationand fountaine, fromwhich they a- mrc!tov:tjs wife and fpring:as firfl generally,that theyarife from the true ú etretetöorfnip E worfhipo¡ the trioGod.