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Ofworldly learning; 9; the natureofthem infe6ed and poyConed through the con- tagionof our corrupt nature. And thus learning is good, when it is well vfcd for thofe goodpurpofes abone mentio_ ned,to which in it ovinenature it inclineth, and furthered) thofe goodends for whichGod hath ordained it; and euill, when as it is abufed through our corruption; as namely, when aswe wax foproud ofthis gift ofGod,that we forget the giuer,or infult ouer our brethren whoare not qualified with it; for aslearning is the ornament of the miede, fo hug mihtie is the ornament of learning. Secondly,whenas be- ing idle and fruitleffe ithelpeth not forward thofeends for which it wasgiuen vs,neither bettering the minde, nor or- dering the affahions, nor reforming the life and manners, nor increahng ciuilitie, nor yet fitting and preparing vs for . true religion; but contentingour felueswith an idle theorie, and fpecula tion,wevfeour knowledge onlyto know, as the Athenianswere Paid to vfe their money,only to tellir; vn leffeit be nowand then, whenwee affc& the praifeof lear- ning in dit ourfing with others. Thirdly, when as wee fer our hearts wholly vpon it,and fpend all our time inattaining veto it, and hauing obtained it, doe finally ref+ in it; as though it were thecaufe ofour comming into theworld; and the very end of our Hues, to get humane learning; whereas it ought tobe theway,and not ourmarke andchief fcope,and as an handmaide to tritumeand adornevs, and fo to vfhervs into the prefenceofvertue and tine godlineffe, and nottobee-eflçetned and adored as our chicleLadle and foueraigne Princeffe. For this were to content otrr Celtics-to. huein the po«h,and negleóthe beautiful!lodging which itleadethveto; and like Penelopeher fuiters,.Lo lea= the Miflriffe,and make loue to the handmaid. Fourthly,whenas wee haue an infatiable defire inhoarding;vp thefe rich trea- lures, being never fatisfied,but euer curioufly prying into. thevery hidden bowels of natures fccrets : for the Apoflle telleth vs,there is a meafureofour vnderflanding, as well`Roma .1.3. as ofour flatur,abouewhich when it is racked, it bringetk as much torment to the minde,as the other to the body;and that there is a fobrietie in our fouler, which coatenteth it felfe