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Reafent matting to the contempt ofiverldly learning. 99 6lifyiriggraces: for whoarc moredotingly fond ofworldly vanities, ofriches, pleafures and preferments, and (hew leffe loue to God in their holyobedience,thë the learned world-- hugs ? who trua more in the arme of flefh and inferiour mcaneswhen they haue them, or are more defperately dif- couraged and difcomfited when thefe mcanes £aile them? Who (hew leffe hope then they,when theyare in any afllieli- on or vpon their ticke beds? who leffe feare of God in all their proceedings?orleife humilitiein their cariage andcon- uerfacion ? In aword, whoare more barren and fruitleffe in goodworkes, in the workes ofiu(lice, charitieand compaf- Pion towards their brethren ? And asit is no furtherance inattainingveto Gods graces 4.Seci.6. in this life, fo neither inobtaining glorie in the life to come; Worldly lear- forthefe infeparablie goe together, neither cloth anyeuer eingbelperb come into this citieofglorie,but hehath hisentrance by the not of to atta,eta., fuburbs ofgrace : and hence it is that the Lord palling by in nail all ageschele learned worldlings, maketh choice of Pmple and vnlectered men toconuert and face them. Thus hee left the learned Egyptians, and made the Pimple Ifraelites his Church and people : hepaffed bye4maziah chiefe Prieato Jeroboam, and chufeth ignorant Amos for his ambaffage : he Amos 7.14. negleéled the famoufly-learned Scribes andPharifes, and makethchoice offilly fifher men tobehis Apofiles and Dif- ciples: and foin latter timeshhathnot called and conuer_ ted the great Rabbines of the earth, the fubtile-learned Schoolemen, and profound Doctors oftheRomifhBaby- lon ; but fuck filly and fimplemen, whom in comparifonof themfelues,they eaeeme ignorant and very idiots. And thus it appeareth that worldly learningdoEh notpro-. 4.SeEf. 7. fit. But ifwe confider thereofaright,we (hall find that it allo That worldly much hurteth them who tnoa efleeme it, andchinke them learningmoth felues belt furni(hed with it: whereofit is that the Apoale ih h errheir ¶P.rul doth not only diffwadevs fr6 imbracing it as a friend, heartsvpoa it. but alto warneth vs to take heed ofit, as ofa mortali enemy: 2?eware (faith he) left therebe anyman that f oileyou, throuc,h J'hilorephieanti vainedeceit. For it maketh chofewho arc in- dued with it, to tea in it, and fobewitcheth them withplea- Hz Lure.