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x Reafonsmoiling to thecontempt ofvnfruitfullknon, ledge, beans is molt fottifh by nature, and being wilde hash no fmall tinálureofwitby humane focietie and inatuetion,and being not theaf eherfelfe, but her yong colt, hath no in- fob z. crealeofnaturall wit by age and brutifh experience. Vaine man (faith he) uould6ewife, though man borne is like a Wide A econtr. 4.Sed.3. Againe, there islittle caufe that we lhould be proud of Thatvnfrnir- this finallkuowledge which wee haue, or that wee fhould fa/know/edge thinke it ofany worth or excellencie, being feuered from nopropeandte piety and trueobedience, becaufe it is vaine and to no ar- napurpofe. polyf orifthatbevainewhicha ttainethnottohisend ,and ifthe endofall fcience andknowledge be vfe and praélife thenmull it needs follow, that feeingthe endofourknow- ledge is not toknow, but that we lhould make anholyvie ofit, and caufeit to ferue as a fpirituall eye to guide vsin o. bedience, through the whole courfeofour life and conuer- fàtion; then that knowledge which is idle and fruitleffe, fwimming in the brain e, and onely exercifed in fpeculation, and not inaálion, hashnot attained to his end, and is there- forevaine; andconfequently,no manhathcaufe to beproud ofthisknowledge; feeing he that doth excell therein, doth but excell in worthlelfevanity. To this purpofe one faith, Rernard.fuper thatfome de/ireknowledge to thisend, that they may only know, Cant,ferm.34. and this is filthie curiofitie; and there arefume that defire to knoib, that they mayfit theirknolbledge out tothefate, opering tofell itformoney orpreferments, and this isdi¡honeit gain, to settee eft be- fell as a flaue that whichwas free-borne : and there arefame . nxm ve logeam whodefire to know, that they maybeknown; and this is foolifh . verawxo/fe. oanitie. Idle knowledge therefore is to be contemned as thingvaine andofno value; yea fo worchleffeiit is, that the leali will togood, and weaken deliretopleafe God, is much tobe preferred before it. And though it were fuppofed, that there were in thisknowledge force worth and excellencie; yet the finalleft fparkeoftrue charitie and-pietie WereMuch to bee preferred before it : feeing long after this light of worldly knowledge is vanished, the heate of true loue re- rnainech euen for euer : for fo the Apofttefaith, thatloue lath newerfallalbay; though that prophecytngs be aboltfhed, or the tourer