Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

geautieftieredfrom t'erlue, is to becontemned. I29 Ing eloquenceofher flattering tongue,but alto that he land aloofe, andkeepe himfelfe as it were out of the guufhot of her deadlywoundingeyes. Theconfideration wherofmade Inquæl.ex the beautiful! ?hufcan (as AuquTh ,eerecordeth) to deforme moil; mixcia+. his ouer-louelieface withgriefliewounds, left it fhouldbe_ t t S. come aflare to intangle the beholders withvnlawfull lulls ; beingherein, as I take it,as blind inzeale, as he wasbright inbeautie; feeing it might haue fufficed tohaue couered it with the chafivalleola fober and graue countenance,which by takingawayal hope ofobtaining,would alto haue quen- ched theheateofwantondelires; neither ought he to haue kept others fromabufe, byabut ng it himfelfe, nor to haue reieéted Gods gift which to himwas good, for feare lefto- thers fhould abuíe it vnto euiil. But as we are not to ioyne withhim in this extreame,fo letvs as carefullyauoid the o- ther : andhauingbeautie, let vs not wantonly difcouer it as though webrought it to the market; or being in others, let vs either with lob turne awayour eyes, that we do not be- hold it, or atteal let vs looke vpon it through the glaflleof modelle, chilly and fobrictie, and fo this Cockatrice Thal! neuerhurt vs. And thiscounfell theSonne ofSyrachgiueth Ys: Turne away (faith he) thineeyefrem abeautiful!woman, andlookenot on others beautie,feeing many haueperilbed by the beauty ofwomen,for throughit loueis kindledas afire.To which accordeth the admonitionofanothcr : Let vsAim (faith he) SaG1.Admo- thefeperniciousbeauties, left they inioyne vs to commit allman- II1r ad filiuett nerofeuill,&c. Takeheedmyfonneofviewing thole formes, by fPug' whichthoureel many basteperifhed;donot drinke, lpray thee, of that cttp lbherewithomanybanebeen poyfoned, feed not ofthat meat whereonlathmultitudes hauefurfetted,rufh notvpon that rocke, whereuponfomanyhauefufferedfhipwracke, andcarefully amend thofe hiddenfnareswhereinthouhaftfeenefomany taken. But as this worldly beautie ishurtfitll to (rangers, fo of- Sta, i6. centimes toneeref friends ; for it is acommonoccafon, and 4eaktieofen- thevfuall fuels, wherewith the confuming fireofiealoufia is tinskJ-Odes. kindled,whilel the husband beholding his wines beautie thefriends of with theeye ofloue, growethinfeareofrivals, and confide- tb°fewbe exccli rcth the greatdifficultie ofappropriating that to his owne'ntt K vie,