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Beautiefeueredfrom vertue, is to becontemned. r 3 t thatareflew, neither confider by theworkesthetvorkke_mailer, &c. thoughthey hadfetch pleafure in theirbeautie,&c.yetjhould theyhaueknawne,hewmuch moreexcellebe isthat madethem ; for the firFt author ofbemiresbath created thefethings. And ifwe will needs be in loue with any thing in our 4.Sec`1.1 8. felues, let vs place our chicle affe6lion next vnto God vpon That the beauty our ferule, asbeing in it felfe much more excellent in beautie ofthe¡pule is then our bodies,& thecanto alfoofall bodilybeautie;forac_ much moreet- eellrnt t;Len the cording as thefoule is afleted, fo is the beauty ofthe body beautieojthe entreated or abated:if themind bemerrie,the face is beauti- bathe. fiedwith a cheerefull countenance; ifcouched with griefeChryfoft.ire and forrow, prefently all outwardbeautyvanifheth : ifthe mindbe terrified andaffrighted, prefently this afconifhment homil.3S appeareth inthe gaftly palenesofthe vifage; ifitbe inpeace and quietneffe,thenthe face alfo is pleafant and amiable; if the mind bee affeöled with enuie, it maketh the body and face leane and wan ; ifwith loue which is honefl and mode- rate, itmaketh the face alto toTooke with a lonely fweetnes; ifthemind be inraged, the looke allo is furious, ifwell plea- fed, contentment appeareth in the verycountenance; ifthe foule be adorned with modeflie, it will 'hewit felfe in the bafhfulne{fe oftheTooke, but ifit be impudent, the face allo is bold and'hamele'fe: fo that the chiclebeautyofthe bo- dy isderived from the foule, andhereofit is that many haue no gracefulne'fe in their countenance,whohaue no blemifh in their face,nor imperfeóion in their fauour; and contrari- wife,that manywhohatte little excellencie either in their fa- uour or complexion, doe neuerthele'fe exceed in a lonely gracefulneffe,which they haue not from the bodie, but from force fecretoperationofthe foule : but mollclearely this ap- peareth inthe vnion and feparation of the foule and bodie; for whilefí: they are ioyned together their beauty alto flou- rifhethand continueth ; but no fooner are they diuided, and the bodieparted from the foule, thenthe beautyalto is par- ted from the body,lo than that face which not an houre ago was admired and loued for beautyand excellencie, is now abhorredandloathed forvglinesand deformitie. And there- fore feeing the body hath nothing but what it borroweth, K t and