Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Ofthe vanitieand vnlnvfulnefeofpaintinP. 13 S which they counterfeited, flail afterwards happen to fee them in their owne complexion and naturalifouleneffe;like aPlayer,who having aeled a kinglyparr, and put offal! his gorgeous ornaments,doth nowappeare in his owneperfon and attire;fáuing that herein it is much more abfurd, in that theyprofeflè this difguiíng, and thefe diffemble it,defiring that it fhouidbe taken in good earncll,which the other doe in iefl tomake (port. Againe,whilell they labour to attaine vnto this counter- 4.Sec.s. fat complexion, they lofe that true beautie which theyTi.,atiheyde_ haue by nature ; for with their medicines and minerals flrsytheirna. which they vfc to this purpofc, they make their colour pale turall beautie, and gran, they wrinckle the face, yea, oftentimes poifon nddigrac theskin, and dimme the riefight, and fo ouergreedily, fee- king falfe beautie,they get truedeformitie, and make them- feluesloathfome indeed ,that theymay appeare beautiful! in Phew. And yet this is but the leall part ofthcir loffe :for as theyblemifh theirskinne, fo they blot and difgracetheir names, whilell following the praelife of harlots, they de- feruedly gaine for all their labour, their reputation; and to bee ranged andefleemed in their fellowihip,whofcmaners they imitate. For this outward painting of their earthly houfes,maketh men thinke that theyare tobe let; and by hanging out this figneoflufl, they feeme toinuite cuflo- -mers,and tooffer their honellie to thePale at eafie rates. Of which fault, though fome may be free, (asfalling into this follie by the example ofothers, and through thecorruption ofthe titnes)yetfew ornone efcape iufiiealoufie and fufpiti- on;(and Chriflians fhould auoid not onely euill,but the ap- pearance thereof) for who would buy this vaine beautie with the hazardoftheir foules,buc they, whomind to fell that which they haue thus dearely bought, when they aue fit occafion ? Neither in truth is it likely that they Deadulterie 11 long handfirmely vpon this flipperic ground; but vfing vultusmedi- e meanes,will come to the cad, and (as one faith) having riunra/d rlae7 adulterated theirface, theylbrll[vone after thinks ofadultering their chaflitie,and defiling theirbodies. virginib.lib. . Finally,as they difgrace theirnames, foalto theirprofef- 4,Sec 7.60 K4 fion