Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

t 38 That bodilyflrength isoffmallworthandexcellencie. tie; and deck thymiede with the ornamentsofvertue, bu- a.Tnn.t.Ho- militie,tneekues,coniugall loue,fidelitie,chaf itie, modeflie and the rel},whichbeing permanentand vnchangcable,will make his louealfoconllant and perpetuall : and teach him not with thefe deceitful) artsto tie hisloue to the beautieof the face, left being accuftomed for this caufeto affe61and loue,hebe taken with the beautie oíanharlot, when he fin- deth it more excellent. Whereas ifthou inureft him to loue in thee vertuc,good qualities,modeftieand fobrietie, he wit not eafilybe infuared by theadultrefíe, fecing fhe hath no fuch baitesto allure his loue. Finally, doe not teach him to be willingly deceiucd, with wanton laughter, and with a nice and affe6!ed gate; for fo (halt thou but miniftervnto himweapons,thc point whereofmay be turned againfl thy felfc; but rather feeke that he may take delight inchaffitie, modeflie, and fobrietie, and fo (hall hee haue armour of proofe to defend and preferue him from the incountersofan harlot. CHAP. XV. That bodily firength isnot much tobe efleemed,au being of(mall worth andexceliencie. §.Seib. r. = _ Nd thus haue I fpokenofthofeworldly ten- That bodily rations, which are groundedvpon beautie. ftrengthbeing ! Nowwee are to fppakeofthofewhich arife in itfelfegood, from firength aed health, both whichare is abufed through our tor- f in themfelues the good bleflìngs ofGod, ruption. wherebywe are the better inabled to ferue him in all good duties; for in them our firli parents excelled in the (late of innocencie,andwee alto (hall much excel! them in the (late t.Cor.tq. ofglorie; for ourbodies arefame incorresption,but they Jhall rife in vncorruption,theyare%ume in rreakenes, but they (hall be raifed inpower,as the Apo(lle telleth vs; and therefore being the giftsofGod,wherewith he moll inrichedvs in the flare ofinnocencie,and will crownevs in the (lateofglorie,they mufi needs be good in their ownenature, and to thofewho haue